Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Malaysia truly Asia

This is the slogan used by Malaysian Tourism department to promote our tourist industry. However is this slogan working? Is the Malaysian government doing enough to attract tourist from all around the world? Recently I read a news in the paper regarding our tourist industry. The reports said that tourist from China had decreased dramatically compared to last year. Why? Why is this happening? malaysia is a multi-racial country and chinese comprised a large proportion of the population. Tourist from China would not have any communication problem here and Malaysia would be a perfect vacation destination for them!

Maybe some of my recent experience can explain this. A few weeks ago when I was hanging around in Petaling Street with my China friends, we had a very very bad experience with the taxi drivers in Malaysia. We were rushing for time during that time as we need to go back Times Square Hotel. However whenever I tried to get a taxi, either their reply was

"soory...I have appointment with another passenger...."
"Times square arr....boleh.....sepuluh ringgit lar......"

When I asked him to run by the metre, his reply was

"dekat jalan lar.....kasi sepuluh ringgit pun tak boleh!", you as a taxi driver can negotiate with us like this one meh? You should take any passenger regardless of their destination by turning on the metre not by charging as you like!

My friend asked me

"Malaysia oso got this type of taxi driver one arr??"

I dunno how to answer her. In fact, most if not all taxi drivers are like this! They try to make money from tourists by charging a very high rate! I am already used to this king of situation and I do not want to argue with those taxi drivers. The last time I sit in a taxi will be more than a year ago. I had even worst experience with taxi drivers that makes me swear not to get into a taxi in Malaysia!

My friend also told me that she found out that there are more cars than people in Malaysia! The air is very polluted. Yess....that's true. However I do not know how to answer her as well. How am I going to answer that question? Do you expect me to explain the whole National car and the Ap issue to her? And also the government who fails to build a good public transport system? It's very very bad to make tourist leave a bad impression to our country.

Besides that, I've a very bad experience with the hawkers in Petaling Street.

"How much is this shirt"
"60 dollars"
"30 larr~"
"cannot lar, this is A gred shirt.....40 dollars"
I then walked away...
"buy things where can so lansi one......i give you 35 lar......still dun wan arr???30 lor...."
I shook my head
"20 lar.....20 give you"
I didn't bother him
"nah....give you 15 dollars take now....."
I walked even further leaving him behind.

Damn! he scolded harsh words! How can he do that? Who said this is called lansi?? My law lecturer told me that once you counter proposal a person, the initial proposal is broken as you do not accept it! therefore I do not have any binding contract with that seller, yet he still wanted to scold harsh words.......

Besides that, recently there is a news regarding a lady tourist from China who is hummiliated by our police. She is being beaten up and she is summoned to take off all her clothings. Could you imagine this happening to you? How could the police used such uncivilised method to investigate suspects? I know the police are trying to catch illegal immigrants but the suspects are not guilty. could they try a more cicilise and humanise method?

No matter how the Malaysian Government advertise Malaysia, Malaysia tourist industry will be in a deep crisis if all of these incidents kept happening. Tourists who are attracted to the advertisement would then feel cheated after they come to malaysia. Worst still, they would spread this to their friends and this will surely affect our tourist industry as "bad word of mouth" is far more poworful than an advertisement!


Monday, November 14, 2005

Disneyland in Malaysia!

Have been quite busy these few days. I could not even spare some time for blogging. It seems like its a long long time I did not blog(though it's only two days). The feeling is great when I log into my blogspot!

Actually I hang out in shopping malls during weekends. Since I do not have my laptop right now, I could not upload the pictures so i will blog about it later! I'm also very outdated in Kit's blog. Yeah~ miss quite a lot of his postings since I do not have access to internet for these two days. Oh yeah~ did I tell you guys that uncle kit has a new blog? Yess...this is a brand new blog. A blog more secure and powerful. No wolf will dare to enter kit's blog again! Of course! I can also comment on kit's blog without any fear that someone would impersonate as me again!

This is the picture I came across when I first log in kit's blog just now. In addition to those seven giant billboards, the UM VC hang 150 of this banners hanging at the lamp post all around UM campus! Could you imagine this? Maybe, one day I might want to drop by UM and have a look with my own eyes. I do not want to waste my saliva to comment on this ridiculus act again! The UM VC is still stubborn and trying to blur the people's main focus that UM is deteriorating in its standards. Uncle kit said that UM is now a Disneyland, after being "decorated" by the "beloved" VC! Yeah~it's true!


Friday, November 11, 2005

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I went Times Square to meet up a friend yesterday. However he had things to do and could not turn up. Since it was raining I couldn't go home. I therefore decided to watch a movie. Initially I wanted to watch "Chicken Little" as I like the theme song of this movie. However I ended up watching "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"

It is a great movie. It started with the dead of Emily Rose after the Exorcism by a priest. The priest was brought to a trial being accused for negligence. Then all the flashback during the Exorcism is played. I considered my self as brave as there is not much movie that can frighten me. However there are some scenes in this movie that really scare me off! Besides that the script writer should be given credit as the dialogue in the court is very interesting.

I would not classify this as a horror movie, instead I would classify this as a religous movie. This movie made us wonder the existence of god and demon. Either these things exist or they do not exist. Whether is Emily mentally ill or is this a demonic possession. I personnaly like the conclusion by the defendant. She concluded that this case is not about facts. The fact that Emily is mentally ill. As facts leave people with no space to ponder. Its about possibilities. Whether is it possible that Emily is possesed by demon.

This is a real incident happened. I would not tell you the ending here. If you are an atheist and you believe in all scientific proven facts but not god(like me). This is a must watch movie. It's highly recommended by me. Of course, if you are a timid person, get a friend along to watch this movie and watch it during a daytime!


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blogger venture into entertainment industry

I came across this news in Sinchew. A blogger, Dawn Yang venturing into entertainment industry after being spotted by a scout. She had been offered a contract. She's currently residing in Los Angeles and her hometown is in Singapore. I thougth Xia Xue is the ultimate blogger from Singapore. I was wrong! Xia Xue has 20 000 hits per day(according to her). However this blogger got around 200 000 hits a day! Damn! It's 10 times of xia xue!

Couldn't write more about her. Will write more about her when I get more information. Anyway, good luck to you girl, Hope that you can achieve wonders in the entertainment industry.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Still remember the games that you played when you are still a small kid? I guess you will forget most of them. Life is busy, hectic and in a very fast pace. Very often we are kept busy with all our stuff and we never stop down and enjoy the sweet memories we had when we were small kids.

Yesterday when I went home, the little girl staying next to me called me

"Zhemin koko(brother in chinese), you come here a while, i got something wan tell you oo..."

When i walked over, she took out a piece of paper and a pen and started writing something.

It was her name! Chen Li Wen and she added a star besides it.Yes small kids like stars. Jojo is her english name. I was quite surprised. A five year old girl can write her name! I remembered the first time i wrote my chinese name is during standard one! She then asked me, do I know how to write my name? I smiled at her. She passed the paper to me and i wrote my name down.

After that, she asked me what game do I play in school. I was I do not know how to answer. I would be silly to tell her that I blog in school most of the time. Therefore i tell her that I play "one two jus" - the scissors, stone and water game!

Guess what she told me? She said I'm outdated! She's not playing that game in school anymore. They have a new game called "police, tiger, machine gun" (JingCha,LaoHu,JiGuanQiang). Actually this game is more the less the same as "one two jus". The police will win against the gun, the gun will win against the tiger and the tiger will win against the police. She then taught me how to play.



Machine Gun

If one person is showing "police" and the other showing "gun", the police will then snatch the gun and shoot the other person back. The person will then pretend to be dying.

If one person is showing "gun" and the other showing "tiger", then the gun will shoot the tiger.The tiger will be pretending to be dead.

if one person is showing "tiger" and the other showing "police", the tiger will roar and showing its claws, and the police will be dead.

Guess what happened next? I played with her....yea yea....I am that childish! After playing some time, she get bored and taught me other games. Damn! why children nowadays got so many things to play de???Who taught them? They invented themselves? Nobody knows.

I looked at her and wonder. How good if I were still a small kid, dun have to worry about anything. No stress and problems in their mind! just playing everyday! Haha..anyway I have a great time and it's real fun having to play with her. Hopefully she will not call me to play with her everyday, or else I would be crying by next semester during this time for failing marketing!


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Got my results

I just got my result slip just now! Just as what I expected I did not do well in my last exam. Anyhow it's still an acceptable result for me. Of course my results worse off compared to the previous semester making my CGPA drop further. Hopefully I can still maintain my vurrent CGPA before I graduate.

It's the first time I see so many B's in my result slip. The first thing I do is to ring up Mr Nadarajah, my English tutor. He didn't recognise me even when I told him my name. Until i told him that I'm the "Liverpool Guy" only he knows who I am! Damn! he only remembers me as a Liverpool Fans. I asked him whether I should appeal for my English Results. He told me to save the money. Instead of appealing he ask me to give him a treat! After that we crap a bit about soccer before i hang up the phone.

I also got a "B" in AIS. Actually I didn't put in much hope in this subject as it is a 100% coursework-based(no finals). My groupmate also get more or less the same results. I haven't told my parents my result yet. Will phone them when I go home later!Actually i have class right now, but I'm blogging in computer lab. ;p

I posted my first review in chinesemusicblog yesterday. Luckily i saw jessy online. Or else I would not have got the review posted without her help! She is really good in all those html codings(maybe because she started bloggging since last year!). Anyhow, html coding is a nightmare to me. I swear I'll go and dig all my web page design textbooks and read it after this semester ends! Wish me luck!


Monday, November 07, 2005

Result slip is ready

Gosh! Our result slip is ready and can be collected at any time! I am not prepared for this. I haven't checked my results online while my friends are having their result slips already! One more day, give me one more day and I'll go collect it tomorrow! I guess it will be very excited when collecting my result slip tomorrow since i still do not know my results. It's something like collecting my PMR and SPM's result slip. I have been occupied by all my assignments recently. Still have two more to pass up tomorrow. After that, I can take a rest! After that......Guess what? Prepare for finals! Damn, it's a short sem so it looks like it's going to end when it just started!

I met Jessy in MSN yesterday. After communicating with her, I've decided to do the review of Stephanie Sun - "perfect day" in chinesemusicblog. Initially wanted to get it done by today. However, I do not wan to spoil my first review as I am not rushing for it. I'll take my time to try my best!

I've found out that Jessy is that kind of "mongchacha" girl. She didn't know I am a guy until the end of our chat. After chatting for so long only she knows that I'm a guy! I'm speechless! Anyway, her english is good. Very good indeed for a mandarin spoken girl. I'm impressed with her webpage knowledge too. She knows how to add links and a lot of stuff in her blog. Pity me, I do not know how to do that! She had another chinese blog too! I do not have any time left by blogging on this single blog I have. I really wonder how does she manage her time by having so many blogs. have to ask her and get some advice from her next time!


Wolf on the rise!

The wolf has rised in kit's blog again! This time not only by impersonating as other commentators but posting pornorgraphic sites as well!

I have just marked and identified six "Imposter Wolf postings".They were made in the past 15 hours, four in the name of "devilmaster", one as "hang tuah" and one as "chong zhemin". All six come from the same IP: In many cases, a pornographic site was given as the URL.

I hope that with this expose, the Impostor Wolf postings will end - bringing to an end an unpleasant episode in our blogosphere.

This time, I do not find it surprised that I was being targeted again. Since I was the victim of the wolf in some previous post, I've expected it happening again. Anyway, uncle kit had identify all the wolf comments. This had made the wolf job to impersonate as others a failure. It will be meaningless for the wolf to do such action anymore. I hope that, the wolf will cease in its childish action by posting all such unecessary and useless comments in kit's blog.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

"I tell you something, you don't go and tell others har~ok?"

How often do you hear people saying this? When the person who told the so-called secret to another person, the second person will again tell this to a third person. Of course before the second guy told the third guy, he would repeat this "classic" sentence again!

"I tell you something, you don't go and tell others har~ok?"

In the end, everyone knows the secret yet everyone does not know everyone knows the secret! I can bet lots of people out there are happy spreading gossips and have a good time talking about other people's secret. This type of incident happened all the while. Most of the time these secret are about "who is your crush", "are you still a virgin" and some other personal stuff. There is this one kind of people living on earth. They would try very hard to get your trust so that you will tell them your secret. They will say

"nevermind lar~ tell me, I will not tell others one~"

When they gets to know your stuff, its the end of you. They would start spreading rumors around. At the same time they would pretend to be innocent and start giving silly excuses like

"aiyah~you so scare for what? I tell him he sure won't tell others one!"
"nevermind lar~~even if I dun say people also know liao lar~"
"I accidentally spoke out one....sorr~y lor~"

This type of people is very happy to know about others secret. They want to let others know that they have the ability to know every bit of others personal stuff that people would never want anyone to know! They would like to boast to others that they know lots of people personal stuff. Yet when you ask something personal about them, they would reply

" What do you want to know wor?I also got nothing to tell you about my stuff!"

They would never want people to know about their stuff yet they are very eager and keep hunting to get to now others secret. They are very alert on what's the happenings in their friends community. For example, they will be the first one to knoe XX and YY broke off. But they would get Lim Kit Siang and Lim Keng Yaik mistaken as the same person. They are not concerned about the current national news. They are more interested in gossips! They are more powerful than the BBC and CNN as their antenna is long enough and they are at work 24 hours a day. They have no other job instead of get to know other people stuff and spreading it all around. Usually when you identify these type of people and tell them they are one of these people. Their first reaction is to deny.

"Where got wor~ I'm also not this type of people. I where got talk about other people stuff? You tell me lar~ when did i talk about others?"

They can argue loudly as if they did not utter a word about others personal stuff. Is this true? you know, i know and he knows. Funny and surprisingly, they are the only one who do not know! People used to say that usually girls constitute a big proportion of these type of people. However my personal experience tells me that the percentage of these people are even for each sex. That is 50% male and 50% female.

The next time when you have a big secret that you would not want anyone to know, just keep it to yourself. Do not even tell your best friend. You would never know whether your best friend is also one of those people! If you really feel like talking to someone, go to the counsellor! The next time when you see me telling someone my secret, sorry to tell you that's not my secret. I will tell others only what I want others to know about me. My secret is always in my heart!


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Never stop trying

"I will not take anymore penalty"

This was what Steven Gerrard said when he missed a crucial spotkick last season. He blamed himself a lot and could not forgive himself. he vowed not to take another spotkick in his football career.

Just now, when Liverpool was against Aston Villa, Liverpool got a penalty kick. The scoreline is 0-0 and it is already 82 minutes. Cisse and morientes have been substituted. I was thinking who will take the penalty kick when Gerrard stood up. Confidently and with a powerful shot aiming at the bottom right corner, he scored! He regained his confidence in scoring penalties. This is very good indeed. I guess the moment he said he would not take penalty anymore is just some words spoken just to vent out his disappointment in missing the penalty.

Very often, these type of things happen to us. When was the last time when you fail in your exam, you said "I do not want to study anymore!" When you fail in a relationship, you said "I do not want to get involved in a relationship anymore!" The same thing happens to everyone. Yet we have different reaction. Some will never try anymore and remain a failure. Some will try again and again until they succeed.

"Climb up from where you fall" This is a phrase repeated to us by our parents when we were learning how to walk. When we grow up, we tend to forget this simple principle. We try to avoid the fact that we already failed and live in our very own world. No matter how you avoid it, one day you've got to face it. You can be sad, disappointed, frustrated, angry, and blaming yourself when you fail. However even if you continue blaming yourself, the outside world remains the same. The sun still rises in the east, sets in the west. Everyone and everything is still moving on. I am not trying to deny your right to feel sad after failing. However, we need to set a limit to it. The fact is, no matter what you do and what you feel, you could not change the past. Why not look ahead and try again? To tell yourself not to have another try is the worst thing you could do!

Just imagine if Gerrard is still blaming himself for the spotkick he missed last season, would he be scoring again? he gave himself another chance to prove himself! Always remember this,

"Men did not fail, they stop trying"

The day when you stop trying is the day you fail! Have you decided to stop trying or to give yourself another chance? You have the answer!


Impostors in kit's blog

i thought i was the only victim of the imposter in kit's blog until i read his lastest post just now. There are other victims as well.

The impostor of Chong Zhemin and UM200++ and the person who used the handle “ah beng” are probably one and the same person using the same IP from New Jersey, United States. Other handles have also been used by the same person/persons from the same IP with very provocative and irresponsible posts., including Pemuda Umno, SianTaoOng, LumPah, Lan Cheow and ScrewUp.

That person from New Jersey might think that since he is so far away, there is no way for us to take action against him. However he is wrong. Uncle kit has managed to identify all his postings impersonating as other commentators. His motive is clear. To create havoc and try to destroy uncle kit's blog. He will never suceed! It will only raise more consiousness for uncle kit to ensure the safety and secure of his blog and also to protect all the commentators. I'm very sure that uncle kit would soon come out with a solution to this problem. He would never suceed in distracting us to comment on uncle kit's post. In fact, i believe commentators would be more careful before posting comments on kit's blog from now on.


Friday, November 04, 2005

My laptop crashed!

Damn! It's my laptop! I thought my laptop was functioning perfectly all the while. It was until this afternoon that I realised something's going wrong with my laptop. When I was working offline, suddenly the whole screen turn blue and some words appear! I managed to see this few words - "physical memory dump" and my laptop restarts automatically. Actually it's not totally correct to say that it restarts, since my computer have a scan before it loads windows.. This means that it was not properly shut down.

I told my friend this, he said that auto-restart usually means there's problem with the hardware or there's conflict between the operating system and some software installed. He asked me to get my laptop to the dealer while it is still under warranty. Right now I could not afford to lose a single file in my laptop since I've a lot of unfinished assignments and important articles in my laptop! I've lost important data twice! I just could not imagine this happening again! Anyway, I'll try getting my laptop formatted after this semester ends. Its running slower and slower. Maybe I might upgrade my memory at the same time and swap my hard disk with my portable hard disk. It will be perfect for me then!

Have to bear with it for the time being, hope that it wont be giving me much problem for the next few weeks. I still have quite a number of assignments to hand in and I can't imagine working without my laptop. I'll pray hard that everything works well. Please pray for me as well!


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fair education system in Malaysia?

There is this blogger who posted in uncle kit's blog saying that all of us(people who post comments there) are racist and told us not to politicise the issue of sudden plunge of UM from 89th to 169th placing in the THES.

Admittedly this is an opportunity for those sour grapes unable to get a place in UM to whine and gripe.

It is also time for those responsible in maintaining standards to ask if nothing more could be done to try to regain the standard it once held.

But enough of this whinning and griping, and racial slurs from those who were rightly or wrongly denied a place at this university.

The issue of standards is much more serious than issues of affirmative action policies etc.

DAP should stop politicising this issue.

Actually I'm not sure whether he's a blogger, perhaps he is just trying to create some trouble by leaving comments as someone else and not putting his own name. It is a pity for him not to see the whole education system in our country.

One phrase to describe our education system in our country - "Total failure!". Since primary we were told by our parents to study hard in order to get into universities. However how far is this true in Malaysia? I do not know? I have been struggling in my SPM, and i consider myself getting good results! However i failed in any scholarship I applied for, JPA, petronas,and bank negara! What deter me to get a scholarship is just two A2 I got in my Pendidikan Moral and Bahasa Melayu. I was left in total frustration at one time due to this reason. I am totally disappointed with Malaysian government for not offering me the chance to pursue my tertiary education in overseas when I feel that I am qualified compared to "others".

My friends who took up STPM faced the same situation as well. Teachers kept telling them to study hard in order to book a place in the public universities. In the end, they score extremely well in their STPM yet they did not get any of the courses they applied for. One of my friend who scored 5 A in STPM and is among the best students in perak apply for UM Medic. However he was offered medic in UKM. Some of my friends were also frustrated by the courses offered to them. In the end, they end up in NUS and NTU which offer them a more "reasonable" course according to their results!

The thing is, no matter how hard you study and despite the results you scored, places are always not reserved for you in Malaysia. Study hard and get into a good University would not apply anywhere in Malaysia. You can score the best results in your exam yet you are denied a place in university. By rejecting all the quality students and "sending" them to NUS and NTU, no wonder our public universities standards are deteriorating! If you(PemudaUmno) somehow come across this post and would like to call me a racist, i don't mind. It's your problem. People who have been through all these will understand!


Everything back on track!

I just realized that I've been online too often. I'm using tmnet prepaid. Before I came back for my holidays, I have more than RM20 in my account. I checked it just now. My current balance is RM3.42 These two days are public holiday and Telekom will be closed. Therefore I would have to spend my remaining balance wisely. I do not want to miss any latest news on the net and important mails and to me. Yess, I'm typing this post offline! choice! Since I'm going back KL this saturday morning, hopefuly I still have access to the internet until Friday night!

I haven't finished my assignments yet. I must get everything finalised by tomorrow as I still have lots of works to be done! The reamining three weeks will be very critical for me as it is my last few weeks for this semester. Anyway, I still need to make some decisions by next week. After passing up all my assignments and individual tasks I will check my results! Yes, I'm ready to face that. I'll need to decide whether to appeal against my results. The deadline for appealing results is next Wednesday. It cost a hundred bugs for reviewing a paper!

Oh yea....for that chap from New Jersey that impersonate as me in kit's blog. I just checked. He has stop his "job" there. It seems that uncle kit has suceeded in stopping him by identifying all his comments impersonating me! Thanks, uncle kit!

A few hours ago, google was down. I'm not sure what's really happening. I could not log in to my blog either. The same thing happened to all other bloggers account! google might have got their surver down! Initially I thought it was a hacker when I could not access to kit's blog, at a second check, I found out that all google sites are down. Anyway, right now everything is back on track! Okie, have to continue doing my assingments. To that chap in New Jersey, if you are somehow reading this, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting at my previous posts! However I feel that chances are very low since I already blocked his IP!


Why me?

I still do not understand why the chap in USA had chosen me as a target! Uncle kit said that i should be flattered for being targeted. It's very true indeed. Anyway, uncle kit had identified all the postings made by the impostors trying to impersonate me.

Close down this uni and avoid another May 13th!

[This is an impostor, impersonating as Chong Zhemin - KIT]

Edited By Siteowner
I dont see anything wrong with the billboard. Do you??

[This is an impostor, impersonating as Chong Zhemin - KIT]

Edited By Siteowner

My last post in at 3.18pm

Any other postings after that is not posted by me. I have no idea who is hiding behind my name and do all such posting. Whoever you are, Shame on you!

As i have sign up for gravatar, you will see a thumnail beside my postings! All postings without thumnail are not made by me. Sorry uncle kit, for having such incidents happened....

[I confirm that Chong Zhemin is the target/victim of an impostor scam by an impersonator using different handles, both before and after this posting. He is from New Jersey. Investigations are underway. He is well-advised to cease and desist. KIT]

Edited By Siteowner


Who's hiding behind my name??

I'm really angry and disappointed. Someone is hiding behind my name and making comments in Kit's Blog. Sensitive phrases are used. I have not seen it since it has been deleted by kit before i realised this incident.

I am against all attempts by Malays to assimilate the Chinese in Malaysia - in any form or shape.

The attempt to force non-Malay students at a particular university to put on the tudung is atrocious and racist and should be seen as such.

[DELETED - Sensitive: KIT]

Edited By Siteowner


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Picture of the year!

I came across this picture in Kit's Blog. It's really a shock to me. This is the picture of the year! I was totally speechless when i saw this picture. The UM management should be thinking of ways to improve their ranking after the plunging of 80 places from 89th to 169th placing. Instead of doing what should be done, they took all the trouble to make banners. Not one, there are altoghether seven banners in the UM campus. Instead of feeling ashamed they feel proud. Though I'm not a Public University undergraduate, I feel ashamed as a Malaysian for what is happening to our Universities. This is just another spirit of "Malaysia Boleh". Just as what kit says, let the picture speaks its thousand words.


Islam = Terrorism = Evil ??

I came across this photo from a blog. According to the blog owner, this is a scene taken in a primary school in the states. Children are taught by their teachers since primary about the bad things about Islam. This is very untrue indeed. Terrorism should not be connected to any religion. When only part of the Muslim are terrorist, they concluded that all Muslims are terrorist. I'm not a Muslim, yet i respect their religion. Everyone should have the same thinking as well. Especially in our multi-racial country, religion is a very sensitive issue! Children are just like a piece of blank paper, they accept what are taught to them. I really dare not imagine if every American school kid are taught the same thing by their teachers. What will happen in future??

I also came across this blog, it mentioned that

Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist.
Osama Bin Laden is a Muslim.
Obviously, Islam must teach terrorism.

Is this true? I do not want to comment on such childish and so-called rational thinking. Have a look at this

A black horse is a horse.
A white horse is not a black horse.
A white horse is not a horse.

and this.....

All birds lay eggs.
A snake lays eggs.
A snake is a bird.

This is a very small trick to deceive people. The blog owner tries to include every Muslim into terrorism when only Osama is a terrorist!

The teacher is also telling her kids that Democracy=capitalism=good. USA is a democratic country, yet they attacked Iraq without the approval of United Nations and deceived the whole world that Saddam Hussien has MWD(mass weapon destruction) in his country. Is this good? I've no idea! You analyse yourself!


The Island

I watched The Island yesterday night on DVD. me outdated, I don't mind! I should have get this posted earlier but my internet connection here is slow, damn slow! Anyway The Island is a great movie. I've been watching quite a number of movies recently when I was supposed to do my coursework! Haha....

The movie is about cloning. It's somewhere around year 2017 where the scientists have managed to clone human beings. Due to the restriction of law, the institute who does the cloning kept all the clones in a very secret place somewhere underground. These clone are deceived that they are going to an island that is the last paradise on earth. The clones are educated to a level until 15 years old. They treated those clons as a product, not human beings.

They institute clones those people who can afford(rich people) and their clones are kept as their "spare parts". Whenever some or their clients' organs fail. The clones are being killed and their organs are being taken out for the clients.

After watching this movie, it again raises a question in my heart. Is cloning ethical? Should cloning be legalized? can make clones and take their organs out to replace yours. However clones are also human beings. They have feelings and emotions. When you kill them, you are killing a human. It's really bad to do such things.The scientists always claim that what they do are for human good. However clones are also humans! Are they doing something good to them? No at anyway!

There are two quotes in the film that I like :

"Never hand a credit card to a woman."

"Human does anything to survive!"

Though I haven't own a credit card, I understand that the first one is a universal rule. Unless you have a limit to your credit card! The second one is also something very true - everyone thinks only of themselves. They do what they could to survive including sacrificing others. It is portrayed in the film. This is the ugly side of human! Though there might be some exception in our society, I might say that most of the people will behave in the same way in a critical situation!

Anyway, this is a great film. Great storyline and great shooting. There are quite some action elements that one should not miss. If you had miss the chance watching it in cinema(like me), just get a DVD and enjoy at home. I guarantee you will not regret sparing some two hours out of your busy schedule!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I found the news!

I had been searching the news on the net for the 2005 Miss Oriental Pearl. After some help from sis, i found some. I only found them in Sina, NewsTom and Kwongwah site. It seems that this event had not got enough publicity. Perhaps not many media are invited! Anyway, I'll go get a copy of KwongWah later. Since today is public holiday, there's no paper. I'll pray hard that I still can get yesterday KwongWah!

Li DanNi was asked about the spirit of the beauty pageant in the final round. She answered confidently according to the reports. I can imagine that, since I seen her answer those questions before(in Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Room 4101,Haha....). However the reports mentioned her as a "black horse"! Haha....I thought she's the favorite to win this competition!

It really looks like a dream to get involve in such events and got to know some china friends. Now it's time for me to wake up from my dream and live in reality! This does not happen to everyone. It only happenes once in a lifetime. I appreaciate the moment. Another thing to mentioned. Li DanNi doesn't look what I thought in my memory in the pictures I get in the net. Anyway, hope that she will have a bright future. Since she's only 18 years old. Maybe we'll see her in some ad soon or maybe venturing into the entertainment industry! All the best to you girl! A freind far away in Malaysia is supporting you! If you turn up to be a superstar, I'll be your first fans!


Sis went back!

I was very tired last night. Slept around 11.30pm. When i woke up just now, there was a sms in my mobile. It's from sis. She said she's going back china. The message was sent at 12.30am. Haih~ I shouldn't have slept so early. At least I can call and talk to her. I called her China Mobile. However I can't reach her. She switch her handphone off!

The same thing happen. Human plans but God decides. Very often we come out with a plan, a perfect plan that everything should be going on as what we plan. But in the middle of it, lots of unpredicted incidents happened that forced us to change our plan. Life is very uncertain! Right now, I can stay longer in my hometown since I do not need to rush back KL tomorrow! Anyway it's a little regret for me for not meeting up sis for the last time.

Sis said that in her message that "see you next time". I really wonder when is the "next time" or is there any "next time"? Of course, I would not write off the chances of us meeting again. Sis, I really have a great time with you. Though the time is short, I really enjoy it. I enjoy every second with you. It's great to know you and meet you up. I hope you enjoy your days in Malaysia. The same goes for Emily. Both of you are very nice! I am really grateful to get to know both of you! yeah~ and also the models. This is fate! I did not expect all these to happen. It's just like a dream. A very sweet dream indeed. If only I would continue dreaming, then it's fantastic! However I understand that you have to continue your life in Beijing! All the best to you! sis, Emily and all the Beijing friends I've met. Miss you all! Muacks~~

p/s : It's also good not to meet up sis for the last time, i fear my tears will drop when she leaves...