Friday, December 30, 2005

Gadis Lokap

I received this mail from a friend dated 28 Nov (this shows that I didn't check my mail for long long time). It's the infamous nude squat MMS that have made Malaysia "Popular".

Firstly, I have to insist that I'm not promoting pornographic video clip. I just want to let everyone see with your own eyes and have your own judgement. The Commision of Enquiry confirms that the lady in the MMS is a local Malay girl. This raise a lot of controversy as most of us thinks that it is a foreign Chinese girl.

These are a few controversy issue raised :

1. Initially, the lady couldn't understand what the police said. She replied in a "Huh?", only she started doing the ear squat. This shows that the lady couldn't understand Malay.

2. There is no "sign" on her left arm. (Every Malaysian has a "sign" on his/her left arm)

3. The lady in the court insisted that she does not know she was video taped until she saw it on TV. However in the MMS, she looked into the camera. This shows that the lady might be a different person.

Click Here to download the MMS!

Do not make any pre-judgement until you have view the MMS with your own eyes.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What are you looking for in tertiary education?

I was surprised to find this comment in my previous thread

"Congrats. Your blog entry has been featured in one of the US' most popular college forums."

Initially, I thought it was a small joke. When I checked my traffic, I found out that my blog traffic had tripled for the last few days. I was flattered. I didn't expect that entry to be discussed in a college forum when I posted that. I posted that entry for fun.

I would say that, those five types of students are already a culture in colleges and universities. Though not every student would perfectly fit in one of the categories, they might have one or more of the combinations of the categories. I always wonder what is our main aim to study in colleges? To get good grades so that we can get a good job? To enjoy life, since we will be suffering when we come out to work.

I always remembered one of the paragraphs in "Rich Dad Poor Dad"

"Why should I put time into studying subjects I will never use in real life?" he protested

Without thinking, I responded, "Because if you don't get good grades, you won't get into college."

"Regardless of whether I go to college," he replied, "I'm going to be rich."

"If you don't graduate from college, you won't get a good job," I responded with a tinge of panic and motherly concern. "And if you don't have a good job, how do you plan to get rich?"

It is already a tradition in our education system to focus only on academic. Lecturers hope that students score good grades so that they have a pay rise. Students hope to score good grades so that they can get a first class honours degree. This constituted to the tips giving practice. In the end, students memorise all the facts in the textbooks(and of course tips!) without digesting and understanding. A fresh accounting graduate that have score all A's will never know how to audit a set of accounts without any assistance. Practical knowledge is far more important.The current emphasis is wrong. Lecturer should make sure students understand all their lessons instead of memorising and get good grades.

Good grades do not guarantee a well pay job. However to get a good job, good grades do help a lot. A degree is like a passport to a good job. Without any qualification, you will need to start from the very bottom. However it is still possible for you to succeed one day, given that you put in tremendous effort.


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Types of students you can find in varsities

Basically you can find 5 types of students in colleges and universities :

  • The first type of students focus mainly on study. Their main aim to enter a university is to score good results and get good grades hence securing a good job in future. Their main concern is their studies, they put everything else behind that. They take all the assignments and exam seriously. They usually walk very fast in the campus holding a stack of textbooks or notes. They will always tell you that their grades are deteriorating and they will work harder the following semester. They will never be late or absent from any lectures or tutorials.
  • Favorite Quote : "When is the next exam?"
  • Favorite hangout : library, cafeteria, lecturers' room

  • This group of students are always busy organising activities. They know a lot of people since they are very active in ABC society and XYZ club. They are often absent from classes and need help from friends to copy notes. They have a lot of friends in the department of students affairs and are very close to them. You will rarely see them in lectures. Whenever there is a big event or function happening in your university, you will see them there(not beside you but on the stage!)
  • Favorite Quote : "You got join this event or not?"
  • Favorite hangout : college hall, faculty office

  • This group of students are forced to study in universities. It is their parents who decide to send them here to further their studies. They do not bother to attend any lecture. They are not aware of the latest happening in the campus. They do not have the timetable though the semester is going to end. They do not even know the name of their lecturers and tutors. They will only start study the day before exam. Amazingly, they always pass their exams.
  • Favorite Quote : "Want DOTA arr?"
  • Favorite hangout : cyber cafe, mamak stall, shopping malls

  • This group of students have a very good vision. They believe that good grades do not guarantee a good pay job. Therefore they start building their career when they are supposed to study. They are big businessman and they are always busy. They usually dress smartly and formally even in mamak stall. Their handphone is always ringing and they have to go from one places to another to have meeting.
  • Favorite Quote : "want earn money or not? i have a new plan...."
  • Favorite hangout : Mc Donalds

  • Their main aim to enter a university is to find their future wife/husband. Their handphone is 24 hours on and they will bring it together with them even in the bathroom. They have very good social and communications skills. Their handphone is full of romantic SMS's and they have several back-ups. They will be hanging on the phone whole day as if their father is Maxis CEO.
  • Favorite Quote : "can i have your number please?"
  • Favorite hangout : mamak stall, cinema, pub


Some useful exam tips

  1. Make sure you attend all the tutorials. Have a record whenever you are absent. You can only skip three tutorials, skip another one and you will be barred from exam.
  2. If you have been present from week 1 to week 10, you can skip all the remaining tutorials as the attendance will be calculated up to week 10 only.
  3. By hook or by crook you must attend week 13(revision class) lectures.
  4. Lecturers will say " to be fair to everyone, I'll not give any extra tips", however you must consult them during study leave (if possible), they will give you some additional tips "accidentally".
  5. Never ever argue with your lecturers/tutors over your coursework marks, you will worse off!
  6. Assignments are important but not that important, do well in your final exam and you would definitely score!
  7. Keep in touch with your friends during study leave, there will be SMS's about tips flying all over around.
  8. Do all past year questions and get the solutions from lecturers.
  9. Make sure you go through all tutorial questions.
  10. Never study the textbook during study leave, you do not have enough time for it.
  11. Mark all the important parts in your notes based on the tips, read it over and over!
  12. Sleep early the day before exam, whatever you study during last minute will not come out(my own experience!)
  13. Even you finish your paper half an hour earlier, do not leave the exam hall. Check your paper thorughly, there will definitely be some mistakes or you might want to write down additional points.(not applicable to LAN subjects)
  14. If you have done your best during exam, rest assured and leave the remaining to god.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Survival guide for UTAR undergraduates : Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting


Year one Semester one

Financial Accounting Framework I
If you have good basic knowlege of accounting, you would not bother to attend the lectures. Even you attend the lectures, you wouldn't know what the lecturer is talking. Best way to score in this subject, do all your tutorials and past year questions, make sure you know the way to solve the questions. Memorize the theories a week before exam.

Corporate and Business Law
This is one of my favorite non-accounting-based subjects. You must attend all the lectures as it is very interesting. No preparation is needed beforehand (if you are lazy) as the lecturer will tell you almost every details. However, you will be suffering during study week. There's just too many tips to memorize. (the tips given are 100% accurate!)

Two ways to handle this subject. Attend all lectures and sleep at home. Or Sleep at home and study by yourself! However, i recommend you to attend the lectures as the lecturer is very good at explaining the concepts and giving examples. (though what she taught is exactly from the book)

Quatitative Techniques I
Can sleep at home when the lecture is on or you can choose to sleep in the lecture. I bet at least one person will fall asleep for every lecture. If your statistics is good, just do all the tutorials and ask your friends when you come across any problems. Anyhow, this lecturer is very friendly, he can be your best friend! Lecturer will sccare you by telling you how hard the final paper is(to make you attend his lecture), actually it's just an average paper!

English For Business
If you get tired of sleeping whole day at home, try attending this class. The lecturer is crapping most of the time(of course in good english). If yo are a football fans then congratulations to you, this lecturer is a football maniac. He'll have all the first hand football information and will tell you guys during classes. I was fortunate that Euro 2004 is on while having his class. I talk with him about soccer almost everytime we meet!

Year one Semester two

Financial Accounting Framework II
Recalled my sad story. This is obviously one of my nightmares! Totally could not understand what the lecturer is talking, in the end, i need to get extra tuition outside. However her tips are damn acurate. During final exam the R&D came out exactly same same as the tutorial(even the company name and the figures are the same). However, the first question has a very big mistake. They ask us to provide a direct cashflow method while not enough information is given. In the end, the dean promise to mark this paper leniently. (but then hor, still a lot of people die! I heard that, this part-time lecturer from UM is still in charge for the "next generation")

Financial Information for Management
A very experienced lecturer. No assignments(hurray for me, as i hate assignments. I always score low marks in assignments), only two mid-term test. A humourous lecturer, will crack jokes during lectures and sometimes "shoot" the management. You can safely skip week one to week twele lecture. However, you MUST attend revision class as a model question will be provided. The same thing will come out in exam except the figures and the company name is changed.

Management Principles
You can try attend this leccture if you have time. But I'll bet you will fall asleep as this subject is too dry. The lecturer insisted us to attend all lectures as he will give tips only during lecture and no tips during revision class. Guess what? He gave tips during revision class and it's quite accurate!

Information System
The most presentation(four presentations + 2 mid term exams for 14 weeks) I ever had for one single subject. I do not really have time to understand the topic I am presenting. I came to a conclusion, you can still present the topic you do not understand. make sure you speak aloud and be confident, then everyone will listen to you! Tips accuracy : 95%

Quantitative Techniques II
Obviously a better lecturer. However, he is only able to answer those quesion inside the syllybus. Ask him anything more, he will tell you "This will not come out in exam" or "This is not my major!" One of the very exam-based lecturer. This subjects covers a large area of topics however only a small part is tested. Again, focus on the tips!

Year 2 Semester one

Advance Finance Accounting
The best lecturer I've came across. Will explain and give very good examples during classes. The first (real) exam I've taken in UTAR. No tips for students! So we have a hard time to cover all topics. However the week before exam, i received an sms about all the theory questions that will come out and the accuracy s 80% above!

A very different approach of lecturing from this lecturer. Will keep on repeating all the points he had mentioned before. So you will have a grasp of basic audit concepts. However this subject is quite dry and i have to admit his lecture is quite boring. However, do not worry. Focus on tips! You will definitely score!

Accounting Information System
A 100% coursework-based subject. The worst ever result I've scored so far. Therefore I'm not in a position to comment. perhaps you need to make friends with the lecturer(that's what i didn't do!)

English for Management
A very strict lecturer. Will treat you like small kids. Never be late for her class as she will be nagging about it for almost half an hour(her best record!). Always ask for permmision if you need to go to the washroom. Anyhow, I have to say she's a good English Lecturer though I don't really enjoy her class (no jokes and can't chit-chat with friends).

Pengajian Malaysia
Do not buy the textbook! You will never need it! Make sure your group pass up all the mid-term test, means that for every mid-term test week, make sure at least one of your group members are present(the other group members can watch movie in the Mines!)! By week 13, you will receive tips from PJ campus! This is a LAN subject and only required a pass! I came out of the exam hall in just 45minutes! I reckon that this suject should change its name to Pengajian Melayu!

Year two Semester two

Elective I : Marketing
Lecturer is good(I mean the lead lecturer). I didn't attend my own lecture actually and i went for the lead lecturer class. Will tell some "stories" related to the topic from time to time. However the tips given covered too many topics. In exam, not all tips that are given came out! Worst still, the case study is very difficult!

Managing Information System
Worst ever tips I've received. Too many topics are given and I'm half dead memorising the tips the day before exam. You do not need to understand to score in this subject, just memorize all the tips(if you have time and energy). But be careful, only some of the tips will come out! Most of your efforts will be wasted! The exam questions come out quite easy as you could never thought of!

*will blog about the remaining subjects after I graduate!

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Daniel in Ipoh

I saw Daniel in Ipoh Parade last night. There are not as many people as I expected. It seems that I’ve overrated Daniel all the while. He still has a long long way to go; hopefully he will succeed one day.

The organizer spoiled the night. Daniel was almost half an hour late. When he arrives, the organizer does not allow him to go on the stage immediately. In fact, they set a lot of rules. We are not allowed to video tape the whole autograph session, we are not allowed to snap Daniel’s photo on the stage, Daniel would not take photo with any fans, Daniel will not sign on posters, photos and any other things than his album, Daniel will not write down the fans name and any other words……Damn! Why are they so many rules? The last time I saw Jolin in Sunway, the organisor didn’t mention anything before bringing Jolin on stage! Right now the event has started late and they are still delaying it! I personally feel that the organisor is overprotecting their artists. I’m sure that Daniel would happily take photo and write down the fans name if being requested.

When Daniel is brought on stage, the mic is not functioning. Why could this be happening? Daniel was immediately given another mic. He only sang a mere three songs and was immediately brought to the back stage without any interaction with the fans. Everything didn’t turn out as I imagined. I was totally disappointed with the organizer’s way of handling things.

When Daniel was singing, I saw a funny scene. A lady hugging her small kid was squeezing out of the crowd and told her husband. (shaking her head) “mou yeh tai”(nothing to see) Her husband responded. “Mai hai, mar hau sang chai yat kor~” (yealar, just a teenager what!) I smiled to the lady when she said this and she look back at me smiling.

Anyway, Daniel’s performance is good that night. He tried his best to talk to the fans in between songs and praising the fans by saying “Ipoh fans are very warm” My little heart whispered “Every artist is the same, when they go XXX, they will say XXX fans are very warm” Perhaps it’s time to think of a more creative way to praise fans. After singing all three songs, Daniel was trying to say something to the fans when he was immediately instructed by the organizer to go to the back stage.

I left Ipoh and went back Teluk Intan after that. Worst still, I crashed into a Pajero on the way back. Luckily it’s a small case. However it is a big blow to me as I was very proud of my driving skill all the while. Worst comes to "worst-est", I wasn’t driving my old Wira but my parents new car! Shit! Why all bad things usually happens one after another?

p/s : Don’t worry, I’ll still remain Daniel fans despite everything happened. Nothing to do with Daniel, it’s the organizer!


Friday, December 16, 2005

Life without blogging

It's almost a month since i last blogged. i really could not imagine that i could stop blogging especially during those days when i was so addicted to blogging. It's all because of exam that made me stop blogging for all the while. Initially, I thought that I could not survive without blogging. I had at least a post everyday when I was addicted. Right now I realised that my life is still okie without blogging. It's like the Newton third law of force " if you start moving, it's hard for you to stop and when you stop, it's hard for you to move" It's because of inertia! Haha...trying to show off my physics knowledge when I'm dealing with accounts right now!

Anyway, there are lots of things happened during this month. I have no access to the internet therefore I could not read uncle kit's blog. However I did not lose touch with all the national issues. My previous post a month ago mentioned about the four chinese ladies who are ill treated by our police. I really could not imagine that it could develop to an international issue. Right now, worst still, uncle kit and teresa are to be blamed.

I also submit my second review in chinese music blog. It had been a long time since I made my first review. So I made this review as soon as possible after exam. Hopefully my third review won't take such a long time. As I'm now on holiday, I can be a full time online-er.

Another thing is my exam. Thanks god, they are over! However I got a shock when i first got my MIS qustion paper. All the tips I studied the night before didn't come out. I should have be in bed at 10pm to have a nice sleep. Damn! all my efforts are thrown into the sea! I was left with no emotions after my paper. I didn't know whether I should cry aloud or laugh happily. Cry, because of all the tips I studied didn't come out. Laugh, because I can still answer the paper. My previous exam wasn't this case. All the tips given by the lecturers are very accurate. Some even gave model questions and only figures are changed during the exam. It seems that this time we are being "si-ian" by our lecturers!

Lecturers in UTAR, if you guys don't wanna give tips then just dun give okie?Better dun give us any tips than give us wrong tips. It's suffering you know? Especially when you put in all your effortw and you found out that it's not coming out. The feeling is bad, real bad. You will only understand when you experience it!

Another thing I found out recently is that there is a GOD in our lecture group. I thought there is only an ultimate god in the January intake group who scored a perfect CGPA. I was wrong, the GOD is in my lecture group. She broke the record and was named in the president list in our toughest semester in UTAR!

Anyway, I'm looking forward the next semester. I admit that I put in more effort during last semester however I have a strong feeling that my CGPA will drop again. The effort you put in does not always has a direct relationship with your results. I've calculated my CGPA before exam. Even i score all A's in my last semester, my CGPA will only improved by 0.0125! Now I understand why my seniors used to tell me, "when you come to year three, the CGPA very hard to rise one arr~~"