Sunday, April 30, 2006

David Tao + EMO + Relationship problem

It has been a great holiday for me so far. Many things happened and I'm going to jumble up everything into this single post.

My friend came sungai Long and visited me on Thursday. We went to the mines and bought some CD and DVD. Mines CD is the cheapest in Klang Valley and it's even cheaper than Low Yat. One CD game in The Mines is selling at $3 and DVD $10. Low Yat is selling at $5 and $15. I bought Football Manager 2006 and I'm ready to build a Dream Team for Liverpool in the virtual world.My friend was dying to get a new handphone since last year. In fact both of us planned to get a 3G phone last year May. In the end I bought a N6630 and he bought nothing!
When we was walking around the handphone booth, suddenly my friend decided to get a N6680. Damn! I dunno how did he pop up with the idea of buying a handphone but the way he decided(to buy handphone) is like buying vegetables in the market! He negotiated with the seller and managed to get a very good price. $1180 for N6680 including a 512M DV RS MMC. That time, i spent $1500 for only a N6630 without MMC.

After that, we went to Seri Kembangan to have dinner. Here comes the most exciting part of my day. It was 7.50pm and I was listening to Hitz FM. I tuned it to 988 as I wanted to listen to "Friend's Camp" that starts at 8pm. Just after i tuned in to 988, my handphone rang. Usually, I do not answer any call when I'm driving. I answered on that day, when the girl who called me said she's from 988, I immediately asked whether I had won the ticket to David Tao's concert.(I remembered a few days ago i entered a SMS contest for David Tao's concert in 988 and that's the only contest I've entered in 988) When the girl said I have won the tickets I was on top of the world. She verified my name and IC number and told me that they will contact me about the details later.

I was really really happy and excited. David Tao is my most favorite idol. I might love Nicholas Tse, Lee Hom, Mayday, Chen Jia Kai......... But David Tao's could never be replaced by any artist in my heart! Two years back, I was supposed to go for David Tao's concert. However I spent my money on Jay Chou's The One concert. This is the time for me to see David Tao live! I've seen quite a number of artists like Penny, Jolin, JJ, Jay, Daniel, Nicholas Teoh, Yuheng.......but I haven't seen David Tao. It's quite sarcastic but it's a fact. I still remembered that last year when sis SMS me that she's in David Tao's concert in Beijing, I was envying and I wish I were there. sis, if you're reading this, yeah~It's my turn!

The next day, I went Low Yat and upgrade my memory to 1.25G. I also bought a portable keyboard and a mouse. The portable keyboard is for playing game. I've seen the way my little bro played Dota on my laptop, he kept hitting the keyboard and i feared that he will spoil my keyboard. Therefore, here you go, a portable keyboard for you to hit as hard as you like! After we're done, we wanted to go home, however a big rain kept us in Low Yat for another hour. We randomly walked in Low Yat and came across a booth. The guys there are having a roadshow. They are promoting a handphone software for instant messaging using GPRS called EMO. It's something like playing MSN on your handphone and the rate is very cheap, 1000 Character at only 1 cent(even cheaper than SMS, 1000 character is about 6 SMS-es)! This software is free of charge right now. They might start charging it in the future. If you're interested, go Low Yat and have a look. The roadshow is until Next Wednesday. I downloaded the software in my handphone and registered an account with them(everything FOC). After using for one day, I found out that Maxis service sucks! I kept disconnected from EMO. I think Maxis really need to upgrade their service to stay competitive in this market.

You might want to check this page out and download the software in your phone. You are able to chat even with your overseas friend using this software. Provided that their Telco provides GPRS service and their handphone supports this software. This is not a Symbian software therefore as long as your phone has the GPRS function, you could get it downloaded! If the GPRS service get better and better, one day this EMO might easily replace the SMS function as the rate is much much more cheaper!

Just when we're going to leave, the promoter realised that one of their handphones is being stolen. They used their own handphone to present the software to their client. They might have just misplaced it and someone had took it. They tried to get the CCTV recording but very unfortunately, the security guard said that the CCTV is shooting at the Samsung booth. Samsung is also having a roadshow and there are even more brand new handphones displayed there. Therefore nothing could be done and the thief is very fortunate to have escaped the CCTV. In Klang Valley, you've got to be very careful and alert at all time as you will not know when you're targeted by those bastard!

We reached home safely despite a worrying heart. At around 2.30am, I received a SMS from a friend. She quarreled with her boyfriend and something happened. It's too private to disclose it here and it is quite complicated. Actually I know both of them very well, in fact i knew both of them even before they're in a relationship. I'm put in a dillema. Either side I help, I would be seen as a "Bad Person". I just couldn't figure out what to do. When i receive the SMS I wanted to drove over there and understand the whole situation but she scared that the situation might get worse and asked me not to do so. It's actually quite hard to belive "he" would do such a thing. He'd been a very close friend to me and i just couldn't imagine such a thing happening. Right now, i think I've to let them sort out everything themselves. May god bless you, my friends!


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Apple Mac OS X

After talking, planning, hoping, and wishing to format my laptop for years, at last i get my laptop formatted last night. Actually formatting a pc isn't that difficult. The troublesome part is to install all the software and update the windows security and virus definition. I spent almost one whole day to finalize everything. I have been living a super-abnormal life since i finish my exam(busy surfing net and formatting pc). I slept only 7 hours for 2 days. My friend laughed at me and said I wasn't even so "hardworking" during exam preparation.

I started formating my laptop on Tuesday night straight until Wednesday morning. I was busy installing all the software and updating it. When i was downloading software, i somehow get to a website that provides user with MAC OS X interface using windows. Out of curiosity i downloaded the application file and installed it. Have a look at my laptop now....

It's great isn't it? I supposed it's some kind of "skin" created by some genius programmer. Anyway, if you wish to install this program i advise you to have at least 512 MB of memory. My laptop is currently 512M RAM but it's still lagging due to the MAC OS X interface. I'm now very fond of apple softwares(and of course apple products!). I use iTunes instead of Windows Media Player. I also use QuickTime Player to play videos. The interface is just simple and clean. I found out that the latest software is not the best. For example, Chinese Star 2004 is definitely better than Chinese Star XP as it has less problem. I also prefer MSN 7.0 over 7.5 version. If you have tried to disable the MSN 7.5 in the startup item, you will realise that whenever you start MSN 7.5, it will automatically appears in the startup item again. I hate to have a long list of startup item. Bill gates is just simply too smart by adding some source code in the software. I also use Mozilla Firefox instead of IE. Do i sound anti-Microsoft? I dunno, but those are the softwares i prefer.

I learnt a lesson from my previous experience that never packed your pc with unwanted software as you will severely slow it down. Therefore i only installed software that i'll use frequently. After installing all the basic software like RealPlayer, Winamp, Mozilla Firefox, and some spyware, I found out that 10G of my C drive is used up. I have only around 15G left. My laptop is actually 40G but i partitioned it into two drive, 25G in C drive and the remaining in D drive. I think i would need to shift some of my favorite video clip in D drive to my portable harddisk to free some space up.

I also get FIFA 06 installed in my laptop. My FIFA skills have been blunt and rusty due to the long exam week. I lost a five consecutive match to my friend that was unable to match me at one time. I will need to practise a lot during this holiday. Hopefully when the new semester starts, i'll be the "FIFA king" once again. Right now the game is lagging everytime i play. I'm going to upgrade my memory to 1.25G within these few days. To regain my reputation, i have to do so. ;P My laptop is currently running on a double 256M memory. I'll replace one of the slot with a 1G RAM. By that time, i can play FIFA and need for spped and check my stock at the same time without lagging.

Last but not least, I'll paint my laptop white this holiday so that it will look like an apple Mac BookPro!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Exam craze

Exam - day one
UBAM2024 Performance Management

When I first got the paper in my hand. I quickly flipped through the whole paper and have a glance at the questions.

Problems in MACS - dunno how to do, meaning of performance measure - forgot the definition, 3 ways to improve CS-ratio - dunno what the heck is that.


I tried to calm myself down and try to solve the question that i can answer. Magically, I could reconcile the budgeted profit and actual profit in the first question. This could be regarded as one of the wonders that happened on the exam day as i have never reconciled my profit correctly.

When i finish everything i know, i get back to those questions that i was stuck and crap some "rubbish" on the paper.

When i came out from the exam hall i was content with the exam until my friend ask my answer in the first question.

"wei, you can reconcile the profit in first question arr??"
"can....sure can, why cannot??"*confident
"what is ur answer??"
"huh?you sure or not?? why my answer is different from yours??"

Damn it! there's a variance between my answer and my friend's answer. Worst still, this variance is an unfavorable variance since my friend is one of utar's top student. Therefore his answer=standard answer.

actual variance = my answer - standard answer
= my answer - his answer

* not a good start for my first exam day - bad

Day two
UBAF2034 Audit Practice

14 hours before the exam, i received an sms from my friend

"Audit is not meant for human to study. The scope is so wide, how could we finish study? What topic are you focusing? Tell me and i'll follow you or else i will lose my own direction"

This shows that how stressed we are studying this subject!

Again, when the invigilator announce, "students, you could now have a look at the question papers but please do not start writing"

With the fastest speed, i have a glance at all the questions.

5 benefits of corporate governance - yesterday night just studied, advantages of outsourcing - easy job, legal liabilities - included in the tips given, types of CAAT - at my fingertips

Remaining questions, all dunno how to do!

I'm dead for the second time!

After the exam, when i walked out of the exam hall, i could sense that most of the students have a (sour+angry+bitter+frurstrated) face (as if that "something" is going to happen to the lecturer's car!)

If the statistic report shows that more than 80% of the students fail this subject, i hope that the dean would appoint an external auditor to audit the statistic report. As the internal auditors lack independence. Hopefully, if this is the case(80% failure rate), a qualified report will be issued!

* two straight bad days for my exam week

Day three

I guess this is the most confident subject for me this semester. I like figures and calculations. There are not much thing to memorize and therefore i was quite relax when i entered the exam hall.

When i finished this paper i was quite happy with the answers i submitted. Though there are some dispute with my friends answer I dun think i will get a worse result compared to Audit Practice. Until now, I'm still rather confident in my answers. I think i will need to wait until the released of results to prove me correct!

* I got a parking summons just after the exam - another bad day!

Day four- final day
UBAT2014 Taxation

I need to score 90 marks in the final exam to secure an A in this subject. It's due to my poor coursework mark. It's like Mission Impossible IV (Mission Impossible III is coming soon in the theaters)

Before i entered the exam hall i tried to encourage myself "Liverpool could overturn a 3-goal deficit against the great AC Milan in the champions league final. You could do the same thing as what Liverpool have done! The blood flowing through your vein is no different from the blood flowing through Steven Gerrard's(Liverpool's captain) vein!"

I can answer the first compulsory question(corporate tax) and one of the optional question(personal taxation) without facing much problem. I was later put in a dilema. I am required to answer one more optional question. The first question, i totally dunno how to answer the self assessment part(8 marks). The second question, i'm not very sure about the capital allowance(16 marks)

There are some parts in both questions that i couldn't answer. Therefore i opt to minimise my loss of marks. If i answered the first question, all 8 marks will be gone. therefore i chose the second question. It is indeed a tough desision to make. It's like when you are confronted by a gangster with a parang in his right hand and a baseball club in his left hand. And you tell the gangster, "Hit me with your baseball club!

After the exam, I realised that it is unrealistic for me to target an A in this subject as i still need to allocate some marks for "provision for silly mistakes". Therefore i should be satisfied with a B or B+.

* A bad ending for my exam!

Conclusion for my whole exam week

Day 1 * Day 2 * Day 3 * Day 4
= Bad * Bad * Bad * Bad
= Good * Good
= Good

"Bad" = negative, Good = positive
negative * negative = positive

Yeah, It's good to have holiday right now!!!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Addicted to share market!

Have been very very addicted to share market recently. It's a week before exam and i should be studying right now. But i get online and checked my portfolio. It's just a few minutes ago that i realised something fishy! There's no market today! Today is a public holiday!

I have been very curious as this morning when i checked my portfolio, my shares din change totally! Initially i thought it was OSK's server problem. However i din realise until just now. Right now i have only manage to make a profit of 4000++. People on top of the table had already made a huge profit of 80 000++. Really wonder what shares they buy.

It's really fun to play in the share market. You could sit in front of the monitor for one whole day to do all the analysing of shares and searching all the related business news. This makes me no mood to study. Just imagine that you have 100k dumped into the share market. Would you still have any mood to study? You could never predict what will happen the next second. You will be very anxious about the shares you buy as you would never know whether the shares you buy would appreciate or drop like hell! Therefore after flipping through two pages of audit notes, here i am, getting online checking my shares again!

After playing for one week, i realised that all the theories we learnt in textbook is bullshit. PE ratio and fair value of the shares could not be applied in real life. In share market, people are speculating all around, they do not calculate any ratio to determine what share to buy. End of the days, they are the biggest winner. Those "smart" people who calculate the ratios are actually the losers in the share market.

Right now since there's no market today, i guess i could sit down at my study table a little bit longer(compared to usual) and continue reading that stack of meaningless audit notes!

p/s : I guess this would be my last post before entering exam hall. Before i forget, do drop by and sign the online petition for IPCMC for a better police force!

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