Monday, August 06, 2007

Umno is not racist, says Khairy

As reported in the star

KLANG: Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaludin has refuted allegations by the Opposition that the movement practises racism.

“I don’t understand how the accusation come about – calling us racist. In fact, Umno always emphasises on the power-sharing concept and history has proven it.

“Ijok is a good example, where an Indian candidate was nominated despite a Malay majority in the constituency. This had been repeated in many other constituencies.

“How can we be racist, when we are defending equality?” he asked after opening the Kapar Umno division youth delegates meeting here yesterday.

Khairy also said that Selangor did not need a comprehensive development blueprint from the Federal Government as it was already a well-developed state.

He said such development plans should be channelled to the less developed states such Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang.

Let's revisit UMNO General Assembly last October

Malacca delegate Hasnoor Sidang Hussein stated that
Umno is willing to risk lives and bathe in blood in defence of race and religion

Umno Youth exco member Azimi Daim said
when tension rises, the blood of Malay warriors will run in our veins

Perlis delegate Hashim Suboh
Datuk Hisham has unsheathed his keris, waved his keris, kissed his keris. We want to ask Datuk Hisham when is he going to use it

Razak Idris, Ketua Penerangan Pemuda Umno Terengganu who said that
Hak Orang Melayu tidak boleh dicabar, jika tidak orang Melayu akan mengamok, peristiwa Mei 13 akan berulang yang ianya akan lebih teruk daripada tahun 1969 yang akan menjadikan Kuala Lumpur padang terkukur

Saya beri amaran kepada pemimpin MCA supaya berhenti membuat kenyataan sedemikian. Ingin saya tegaskan, saya bukan pemimpin naif yang akan membenarkan perkara ini berterusan. Amaran saya ialah berhenti membuat kenyataan,” katanya selepas merasmikan mesyuarat Umno Bahagian Ranau, di sini semalam.

What more can I say? Two-faced Kahiry!

two-faced(adj) - marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another



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