Friday, August 17, 2007

Namewee apologized

So namewee had apologized(with the help of Chua Soi Lek). What's next? The cabinet has accepted his apology but insisted that action to be taken. Some have suggested the seditious act will be used.

There has been a lot of party trying to support namewee when he is bombarded by the ministers. including DAP, Keadilan, MCA and some NGOs'. However namewee had chosen MCA to back him. He clearly knows that something wrong would have happen(that he would be charged). It is also reasonable to assume that the MCA had demanded namewee to apologized promising to help him getting out of this trouble.

These few days, we can see MCA ministers giving out statement that this issue should come to an end, hoping to make this issue into nothing(they dare not address the "real" issue in the song - poor public service, corruption, and the admission rate of Chinese students in public universities). The cabinet decision was to accept the apology but insisted on taking action against namewee(contradicting isn't it?). This clearly comes from the UMNO decision to appeal to the angry Malays. They are there to "mempertahankan hak Melayu dan Islam"

This again demonstrated the poor and helpless MCA with no negotiating power in front of UMNO. Whenever there is any conflicting decisions in the BN, UMNO always have the final say(issues like the chinese primary school is a good example). Right now, Cabinet=UMNO and parliament=UMNO. The whole legislative is dominated by a racist party. Until BN is outvoted by the people, there is no way UMNO domination will come to an end. The only hope I see is Keadilan. Let's vote for change.

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