Sunday, December 31, 2006


Damn! Last Wednesday, I got a phone call from my brother saying that I got a summons on PLUS highway somewhere around last month. My speed was 132km/hr while the speed limit was 110km/hr. A year ago, Samy velu said that he is going to increase the PLUS highway speed limit to 120km/hr since the PLUS highway is one of the straightest highway in the world(according to him). Anyway that suggestion was repudiated by the cabinet. I also know that there is a grace speed of 10% allowed on top of the speed limit. This means that if the speed limit is 110km/hr, you are able to drive up to 121km/hr(without getting summons). If Samy Velu suggestion were to be accepted at that time, I would have escaped this summons(120km/hr + 10% = 132km/hr).

Should I feel bad? Not really though. I should have been lucky not to be caught on this speed.

I showed some of my friend this picture and they claimed that I was hitting the fuel pedal with a neutral gear. Please lar~my friends, if you do so, only the “tekong” meter will increase. The speedometer will only increase according to the wheel’s speed. Have a look at this picture. The meter on the left is the “tekong”.

I know it’s dangerous. Anyway I’m still alive here, blogging. That was also my car’s top speed. Driving at such a high speed, my car’s spoiler…..

Yes, it was blown away. Luckily the spoiler didn’t hit on any motorist or I would have indirectly caused an accident.

Took me a few hundred bugs to repair my car. *heart pain*

I promise that will be the first and last time of me taking a picture while driving at such a high speed. As I do not want my car to be like this….

Or either like this…

This is even worse…

Final advice. Don't ever speed!

Speed thrills but kills!!!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

SHE forever green autograph session

It’s fated. I was supposed to go back ti last Friday. However, my cousin told me that he had to work overtime and he will fetch me back on Saturday morning. Initially I didn’t think of going to SHE’s autograph session as I was quite tired that day after doing some stuff.

While I was on my way back to Sungai Long, I heard SHE’s interview on MY FM. This ignited my enthusiasm and made me determined to meet them. After all, Balakong is just within 10 minutes drive from my place. Since I haven’t been to the newly open Jusco, this might be a good chance to “kill two birds with one stone”.

I reached home at around 5.30pm. The autograph session starts at 7pm. I quickly prepared my dinner and get it into my stomach ASAP. When eveything’s done it’s almost 6.30pm. I purposely “dye” my hair blue to be in the limelight (among the fans). When I reached there I could see crowds inside the open car park(the autograpgh session is inside the open car park). I quickly park my car and try to get into the open car park. The person in charged didn’t let me in as I do not have any ticket.

I went to Speedy outlet and enquire about the ticket. Thanks god, there’s still ticket available. However I need to purchase an album to get the tickets. Since SHE Forever album is sold out, I chose SHE’s Hong Kong Live concert CD. I happily went into the car park only to find out that there are actually two types of ticket - yellow and green tickets. The ticket I got is a yellow ticket which I could only stand at a further area. I was grumbling as I feel being “cheated”, when a guy with two green tickets slipped one of his tickets to me. “I have an extra ticket, give you one…” he disappeared into the crowd in just the blink of an eye that I didn’t even managed to thank him. I whispered inside my heart “This could just be my day!”

I managed to make my way to the front row. The whole car park was crowded and it almost looked a mini concert instead. This is the biggest autograph session I’ve ever been to. The air is stiff and hot with the big crowd, luckily it is open air and situation doesn’t look that worst. Anyway I was still sweating profusely and my whole shirt is wet. SHE arrived late(just like most of other artists - due to traffic jam?) around 7.30pm.

Selina looked pretty from afar with her light make-up. Hebe seemed a little sexy by revealing her shoulders and her seductive actions. Ella, as usual is always that “handsome”. There were a few ceremonies beforehand. There is the opening ceremony of Green box in Jaya Jusco. SHE and the VIPs released the balloons on stage together with all the fans who are holding balloons(which was distributed earlier by “santa clause”). After that, there’s an “instant birthday party” for SHE as it’s their fifth anniversary as a group since their debut album in 2001. Birthday song is sang and SHE get to cut a super huge cake.

No more balloons on the stage

After the ceremonies, the Emcee, Phoebe decided to play a game. Either Hebe or Ella will pat Selina’s back and she will have to guess who is “culprit”. Ella was the one who patted Selina’s back but her “oscar winning acting” plus the fans misleading accusation towards Hebe confused Selina. In the end, Selina made the wrong guess. SHE sang two songs after that – “electric shock”(chu dian) and “what’s to be done”(zen me ban). The singing session was short, making way for the huge crowd of fans to get SHE’s autographs. The queue of the autograph started at the left side of the stage. Pity me; I was at the other side. Luckily, SHE was very efficient, the queue moves quite fast.

In just fifteen minutes, I reached here.

While the autograph session is going on, Phoebe distributed some of the prizes out.

Another five minutes, I am here.

Two more minutes,

Five seconds to see SHE

Two seconds.....

Camera is not allowed on stage, so that was the last picture I took. I saw Selina first as she was sitting at the most left hand side, with Ella in the middle and Hebe at the right. Selina was signing with her right hand and she stretched out her left hand with her palm facing her left side shaking the hand of the fans before me. When it was my turn, I stretch out my right hand with my palm facing right (I dunno why, it’s a reflex action as I thought selina would stretch her left hand out “normally”). Both of us change side twice before we get to shake hands. Selina raise her head up and smiled at me. Ella signed my album with her head down. Hebe had a glimpse at me after signing (perhaps my blue hair caught her attention! ;p). The whole process of getting autographs took place within 10 seconds. It’s short but I feel contented.

I headed home immediately as both my legs are numb after standing for almost half a day. I took a picture when I reached home as I don’t want to “waste” my blue hair away.

My “war trophies”

p/s : The open car park outside Jusco Balakong is simply a perfect place for autograph sessions. Hopefully, there’ll be more autograph sessions there(convenient for me) ;p


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Seed of Darkness horror party

Went to the horror party in Zouk with Jia Hao yesterday. It’s the first time I stepped in any club(some might not believe me). It’s true, I’ve never tried clubbing before and I don’t like clubbing. Now I’ve done everything that I could do at the age of 21. I registered with the Election Commission, I went into Casino and now I’m in Zouk.

We reached there quite early at about 5pm. We are supposed to reached there by 6pm. So we went to KLCC for our (early)dinner. I didn’t know that KLCC was just within walking distance from Zouk. Maybe next time I can park in Zouk when I go shopping in KLCC.

When we went back to Zouk, the make-up artists from Sense & Style Beauty Accademy were already there. There were going to put make up on the us to “transform” us into “ghost”. I was the first one up for experiment.

This is a photo of me together with my “creator”-Emily.

When I was in the process of “transforming”, Vic Teo reached. He took two Cd’s and have a test on the sound system. He sang the theme song of “Seed of Darkness”. Initially, I couldn’t recognize him, until Jia Hao told me. “That one mar Vic Teo lor…” After that Vic Teo also went for make-up. He brought a pair of “wings” as he is going for a “angel look”.

This is the photo of us together in costume. Nice huh? Should I name this picture “Angel and Demon”? lol. Dan Brown will sue me for copyright infringement!

This is us in the artist room packing up something.

We have some fun after that, trying to scare each other out. I managed to scare a few people with my horror look. After that it was time for Vic to perform. He sang two songs. The first song is “So Sick”. The original singer was Ne-yo. Of course Vic didn’t sang as well as Ne-yo but his vocal is quite powerful and he managed to add a new sense to the song. Jia Hao said that Vic’s song is not as R&B as Ne-yo as he kept trying to show off his vocal by pitching up his tone. Anyway, it’s still a decent performance. His second song was the Seed of Darkness theme song – “Jing Ling”. It’s the same name as the Chinese name of this movie. I couldn’t listen clearly to the lyrics and it was as if Vic was singing in some weird language. Of course when it comes to singing “Blurry”, Jay Chou is no match, not even Vic. Perhaps Vic’s Mandarin wasn’t that good. He’s from Ipoh and his first Language is Cantonese.

It’s Q&A session after that and there are some prizes up for grab. Argh~ I forgotten the Em-cee’s name. He’s a guy with a very nice voice(of course every Em-cees have a nice voice, am I talking rubbish?) The questions asked ware damn easy, even a 3 year old kid can answer. Answers were given out before questions were asked. The em-cee first read the synopsis of the movie and asked questions based on it. Questions are like

  • name a cast in the movie?
  • Is Seed of Darkness a horror movie?
  • Who is the sponsor of the movie?(Posters of Singer are around the club)

Does this scenario sounds familiar? Yea, it’s like the tips giving culture in varsities. Just like the Em-cee giving out querstions before asking questions.

Amber Chia came in the club after the game. When she first walked in I could’t recognize her as well. Jia Hao even asked me, “that one is Aamber Chia arr?” She looks very tall and of course with a perfect body, slim and tall. She apologized for arriving late. She said that she had a Chinese New Year shoot and she had to arrive late. When she finished her “speech” many of her fans flocked around her to take photo.

The best costume ceremony was the last event before the party ends. I manage to be one of the finalists but didn’t get to win any prize. There’s only one prize up for grab. I went to the washroom to clean my face. Coincidently Vic Teo also came in at that time. He looked at my clumsy and cautious action to remove make up and asked me, “First time remove make-up arr?” He added “I used to remove make-up so I’m not scared of rubbing my face hard” He also taught me the correct technique to remove make-up around my eyes. I told him that I’m wearing contact lens, he said “me also same mar~” He also said that if the make-up around eyes are not removed and you leave it overnight, your eye brows will drop due to the chemicals. We have some chat after that. I asked him why he didn’t take part in “One in a Million”. He said that Malaysian idol’s experience is enough for him and he doesn’t take these competitions seriously, he is more to “playing” while taking part. I asked about his age. Surprisingly, he is at the same age as I am, 21. I wonder if he’s underage, could he enter Zouk? He also said that he is no longer studying, he stop study since SPM.

I took a “human” photo with him before leaving. He looks tall from afar. But when he stands beside me, we are almost the same height(I'm 176). Perhaps he is too thin and this makes him looks tall.

We stayed in Zouk for a while before leaving as the whole Jalan Ampang was jammed. Reached home at around 1am and I got a good news from my friend – Liverpool thrashed Charlton 3-0. I have a sound slept that night.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Gold for Men doubles

Malaysia won the Badminton men doubles through koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong in the Asia Games yesterday night. This ends the 36 years gold drought in the Asia Games for Badminton. I didn't wach the game live but I was checking the live results through the net. They were simply impressive. They win all games in the tournament with straight sets despite they are rank 136th in the world.

Rexy had definitely made the right choice to bring this new pair to Doha. They are Malaysia's future and they are very young, aged at 21 years old and 19 years old. By the way, Lin Dan lost to Taufik in the Mens final. I used to support Lin Dan some time ago but i feel fed-up with his unsporsmanship behaviour(especially after the 2006 Malaysia open). Look at this video. He kicked his racquet after he lost the game to Chong Wei. I remembered that Lin Dan had at least 7 match point in that game but in the end Chong Wei won that game.

Similar thing hapened yesterday. In the second set against Taufik, Lin Dan had 3 match point(20-17) but Taufik get 5 straight points to wrap the game 22-17. Hopefully this will teach him a lesson not to be that arrogant!