Tuesday, January 23, 2007

GMAT score report

Just gotten my official GMAT score report. A very efficient work from the Graduate Management Admission Council right?

I took the test last friday. After exam i received an unofficial score report on the spot. I got 48/60 for Quantitative and 38/60 for Verbal. Surprisingly, my Quantitative percentile is 86th, only slightly better than my Verbal percentile 85th. This means that either most of the people taking GMAT have better quantitative techniques than better command of English or the English(Verbal) on GMAT is relatively tougher than Math(Quantitative).

My total score for GMAT is 700/800. Usually when people ask about your GMAT score, they are asking for this score. There is sometimes a +-10% score variance when the official score come out. I just checked my score. It's still the same score. I was hoping to see a 710 score! ;p Oxford average GMAT score for their previous MFE class was 720/800. So I'm below average.

Another score that is unavailable in the unofficial score report is the Analytical Writing Assessment(AWA). I wrote two essays for that section. Of course mar, how you expect the examiner to mark on the spot and give you the scores? I got 5/6 and i'm in the 73th percentile. Getting perfect score on AWA isn't something unusual. Anyway, I'm satisfied.

Now I'm rushing for the deadlines for applications. The earliest one would be 31st of Jan. sigh. need to start writing essays again. ;( I hate writing essays!

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