Monday, October 31, 2005

Traffic jam in Teluk Intan!

I went to town to buy some stuff just now. There are lots of cars and it was very jammed. Seems that lots of people had come back for their holidays. Sometimes Teluk Intan will "turn" into Kuala Lumpur during holidays!

When I was shopping, I received a SMS from sis telling me her new handphone number and asked me to contact her when I go back KL. I was busy buying things so I just text a reply to her. Then I saw this in the supermarket.

It seems that nowadays, companies like to use this type of contest to get publisity!
On my way back I managed to snap the trademark of my hometown - the leaning tower!

When I came home, I immediately phone sis. She told me that after receiving my SMS, someone told her that she might go back Beijing earlier. She supposed to go back on the 4th Nov. Initially I planned to go back KL this Wednesday(2nd Nov) to meet her up and bid farewell. Anyway just see how thing goes. She also told me that the model in my handphone was the winner of the Beauty Pageant! Yeah~ feel happy for her. However I doubt whether she still remembers me who try to help her think of solutions for the questions. Her name is Li DanNi, maybe this will be a very famous name for the next few years, who knows? Anyway it's my pleasure to get to know her. Though the time is short-less than an hour, I'm satisfied. Not everyone can get to know the Miss Oriental Pearl 2005 and talk to her in person, help her solve the questions and yeah...."interviewed" by her! Actually from my first look I already have a strong feeling that she will be the champion. My sixth sense is right. Maybe tomorrow I'll go buy TOTO!

Anyway, sis said she will contact me when she confirms the date she is leaving. She said that most of the them have left including Emily. No wonder I can't get through Emily's handphone for the whole day! I fervently hope that I can meet sis up before she leave Malaysia. I would have to leave this to god as it is out of my control.


Any Australian university better than the best Malaysian U?

This is one of the postings by Lim Kit Siang in his blog. The "best" University in Malaysia - University Malaya has fallen 80 places from 89th to 169th placing while USM diasppearing from the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) World Top 200 Universities Ranking 2005.

The Australian Universities in the Top 200 are:

Melbourne University - 19
Australian National University - 23
Monash University - 33
Sydney University - 38
University of New South Wales - 40
Queensland University - 47
Macquarie University 67
University of Western Australia 80
Adelaide University - 80
RMIT University - 82
University of Technology Sydney - 87
La Trobe University - 98
Curtin University of Technology - 101
Queensland University of Technology– 118
University of Newcastle - 127
University of South Australia - 154
Tasmania University - 166

As you can see, all 17 Universities from Australia has a better ranking than the so-called best University in Malaysia, UM. It is indeed a shame for us Malaysian. I'm not going to repeat what Lim Kit Siang had said in his blog. I would like to share some of my experience with all of you. Recently, I met a china friend, Emily from Beijing. I asked her whether she heard of UM before. She said no. I'm not surprised. Actually UM had sent a debate team in the international chinese debate in 1999 to Beijing. Though they fail in the finals, Victor Gu(previously the host of chinese edition "Who wants to be a millionaire") had also won the best participant award. However, UM emerge as Champion in 2001.

Click here for the relevant information.

I thought UM should have a good reputation there in Beijing. I was wrong! Not many people heard about UM in Beijing. Beijing Univeisity is ranked 15th as the best University in Asia ahead of Tokyo University(ranked 16th).

When the list of THES is out. Our deputy higher education minister, YB Datuk Fu Ah Kiao
has questioned the credibility of this list. He said that, there must be something wrong. UM should not have dropped 89 places in just a year time. According to him, there should not be such a drastic change in ranking in only a year's time. However, UM is not the only deepest plunges Universities. Alabama University from US plunges from 90th to 175th. University of California from US is ranked 159th compared to last yeat 72th. Technical University Berlin in Germany plunges from 60th to 154th. Do these Universities questioned the credibility of the list released?

I heard MY FM just now. One of the DJ said that, there's really some "problem" in the list released, just as what our deputy higher educaion minister had said. However, the "problem" is not in this year's ranking where UM is ranked 169th. There must be some "problem" in last year's list where UM is ranked in the 89th placing!


Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Myth

I just watched The Myth on DVD. Guess what? A good film? Definitely not for me! I was told by my friend that it's a great film. Initially I wanted to watch it in cinema . However I was very busy and could not spare some time for it. I should be grateful for that.

I was scolding the script writer half way when I was wacthing the film and this continues until the end. It's totally unlogic and does not make any sense. The explanation they gave are not scientific valid. In the movie, they said that if an object rotate at a very high speed, it will lose it's mass and weigh. that's bullshit! Einstein in his theory of relativity states that if an object increases it's speed, it's mass will be greater! maybe you might want to say that this is only a movie and I should not think like that. Okie, fine. But there are still lots of things that are left unexplained.

The scene kept changing from present to the past and this makes me confused. How is the India get connected with the Qin dynasty? Who actually owns the sword? Why did Jackie Chan fight so well in India but he's so weak inside the waterfall? What can the medicine do to people? People can't grow old? How about getting disease and getting hurt? If people who took that medicine still can get hurt, there's a possibility to die isn't it? Is there any medicine left? If yes, why the Qin Wang did not take it? Why Jackie Chan has the same look in both his life? If we are reborn, we won't have the same look right? Why when Tony Leong called Jackie Chan as "Jackson" only the princess realised he's not the general? What happened to Tony Leong in the end? melting in something? What's that? Why when the stone is removed in India, the "flying man" immediately fall down; when the stone was removed inside the waterfall it took sometime for everything to collapse?

This is only a small part of those unlogic scene. However I have to admit that the director have a great shoot having to produce all the quality scene. The same goes for Jackie Chan, his Chinese Kungfu is still good though he looks old. However, the storyline made this film rubbish!

No wonder a month ago, Jackie Chan asked that all the award winners to produce a film to save the Hong Kong Movie industry. This is the only way he can think of! He invited a Korean and an Indian star in this film in order to get good publicity. However this will not works if this is not a good film. You can get all the award winners in a film yet a bad one is produced! The fans might be attracted to go into cinema, however they will be disappointed.

I'm a Jackie Chan fans, however I'm totally disappointed with his latest film. His previous film - New Police Story is a good one. Maybe he is just trying to get some attention from hollywood by adding some chinese history, Indian culture and some so-called high-tech elements in his film. In the end, it's not myth! It came out as MEAT, a hard one to digest indeed!


No holidays for me !

Just reached home an hour ago, there’s not as much cars on the road as I predicted. However I did not speed, I maintain my speed at around 110kph. I do not want to be caught by the policemen in the Ops-static operation. If any driver were caught speeding, immediately he/she will need to pay a compound of RM300. I only have RM3 remaining in my pocket since I just top up RM200 for my Touch n' Go card at Duta toll.

It’s a “sien” journey, really sien because my brother kept reminding me whenever I exceed the speed limit. I need to maintain the current “low” speed even there is no car in front of me and the road is so wide and straight. No choice! Hve to accept the fact that there's only RM3 in my pocket!

Anyway, I managed to reach hometown in less than 2 and a half hours. The feeling is great. It seems that I miss home so much. However I am not coming back for honeymoon. Yess…no honeymoon for me. There are lots of things to be done. Firstly, I have to study MIS until chapter 8 since I didn’t attend the MIS lecture since week one. If I still take it easy, I will fail in the final. I also need to finish my assignments including 2 individual tasks of MIS and the marketing assignment. Sigh….this is the consequences of not working hard enough during past few weeks. Now I have to suffer while my friends can enjoy their holidays.

My friends kept asking me about my results. Honestly, I do not know! Please believe me! I haven’t checked. It may just take me seconds to know my result by just clicking a few buttons right now. However I’m not going to check my results. Why go check and make myself sad? I have a very strong feeling that my results will be very bad. At least I’ll finish all my assignments and studies before I check my results. I just do not want to affect my emotions. There will be two kind of feelings I’ll get after I check my results. Either I’ll be very down and sad, or I will be very happy. Since I’m very happy now, why risk myself to be sad? You might wan to say that I’m trying to avoid the fact! Maybe yes, maybe no! Sooner or later I’ll check my results. Please do not worry. My friend told me that the last day to appeal for the results is on 9th Nov. This means that I would need to check my results before this date just in case I need to appeal for my results.

It’s great being back at home. I would be sleeping in an air-conditioned room tonight. Though last night I’ve been to a five star hotel room yet it’s not as comfortable as my own room. However I miss UTAR wireless network, though its speed is slower compared to ANY wireless network outside, at least it’s still faster than my dial-up modem. I have to be content with the 56k dial-up modem at home! Anyway I’ll keep my blog updated everyday. I’ll try my best, ok?

I’ve to stop here, mum is calling, need to go down have lunch….


Saturday, October 29, 2005

One day tourist guide!

I've been a tourist guide today! I got a phone call from sis this morning when i was in library. She said that she's free until evening. Since I've no class(actually I got MIS lecture but i skip!), I immediately "shoot" to Times Square and meet her.

It was 11.15am when i reached the hotel lobby. Sis and Emily(an ex-model, now owns a modelling company) asked me to bring them to KLCC. They wanted to have a look at the Petronas Twin Tower. No doubt KLCC is a trademark of Malaysia.

We took train there. Of course we changed station at Kl Sentral. I've forgotten when is the last time I came to KLCC. We walked in almost every single shop at every level. I even walked into those branded outlet that I would never thought of walking in, including Gucci, Armani, Bose.....

Emily just looks good in any clothes she's trying as she is tall enough. After some time, sis get tired. We had a cup of coffee at starbucks. After taking some photo somewhere near the KLCC convention Centre, we left for Petaling Street. I do not have any photo in my handphone as I was taking photo for them using their digi-cam and DV. Maybe next time when they send the photos to me I could upload it! Emily called me as "xiao zhong"(little chong). Quite a nice name for me.....

Before we left KLCC, we saw a Malay guy playing with his tradiotional instrument(I dunno the name but it's not Kompang) with the song "Superstar" from SHE! It's very nice, playing a pop song with a traditional instrument!

Just Click here to download the Video Clip!

It's a 3GP file and you could open it using Real Player. Enjoy!

Sis and Emily bought some stuff at Petaling Street. We also saw the Maxis Truck for the "spot the ball contest"

I find it impossible to get the accurate number of balls as the ratio of each different balls are not given. We went back Times Square after that. The taxi driver are so inconsiderate. They wanted to charged RM10 instead of running on the metre. Emily asked me whether all Malaysian Taxi drivers are like that. I have no answer for her, I wanted to know the answer as well. It's very bad indeed to let tourists have a bad impression to our country. Emily also said that there is more cars than people in Malaysia. I just couldn't explain to her. It's actually due to the bad public transport service and the National Car issue(Proton). We decided to walk back times square. Sis was always behind us since she took her DV out and took picture after walking every 10 steps(haha...a bit kua cheong).

It's around 5.30pm when we reached at the hotel room. It's quite late since the Beauty Pageant starts at 7pm. After a while, one of the models came in. I do not have any words to describe this girl, "pretty" is unsuficient to express my feelings towards her. Emily then do some make-up for her.

She then took a piece of paper out consisting of the questions that would be asked for the final 12 delegates.
These are the questions.

1. Please share with us your attainment and feelings towards this beauty pageant.
2. If you win this beauty pageant, what are you going to do with the cash prizes?
3. What do you like the most in Malaysia?
4. If you are the winner of this beauty pageant, what will you do for this event?
5. If you have a chance to bring all the delegates to your own cities for travel visiting, what will you do?
6. If you are the champion for this year, who you would like to express your words from the bottom of your heart and what will you say?
7. If you could choose to become man or woman next generation, which one you will select to be?
8. If you are left with only 24 hours during your lifetime, what will you do?
9. What do you think the most important for you to participate a beauty pageant?
10. Please introduce the specialty and beauty of your country and city to everybody.
11. If you could turn back the time to edit your mistake in the past, what you want to do?
12. what's so special in you to make all the judges choosing you to be the winner for tonight?
13. What do you think the spirit of beauty pageant?
14. Who is the Chinese Woman nowadays you admire most? Why?
15. If you can use Aladdin teapot to make a wish now, what wish will you make?

I read the questions and started to give her some opinions. It was as if I were to participate in the beauty pageant! Ha.....I've been watching delegates answering these questions on TV and now it is me who is trying to figure out the answer. It's really a special experiece for me to get involved in giving opinions. She seems confident in this beauty pageant. From the way she speaks and her tone and look I can clearly see that. No doubt, she has the quality to be the winner, however it depends on her performance later at night! We were discussing all the questions, sis also gave her opinion.

We were stucked at questions 7, 11 and 14. Hopefully she is not chosen to answer one of these questions. She then took out a pencil and pretended as a mic and started interviewing me. Her voice was so soft yet so clear. I was stunned. Partly because of her sudden act, partly is because I do not know how to answer...Probably she could try to host a TV programme as she would be a perfect one!

It's almost 7pm and she left for the beauty pageant. Hopefully she will emerge as the Miss Oriental Pearl for this year! Before i left i took a picture with Emily.

Sis told me that i'm very lucky cos i had already seen the champion. Hopefully I can read about this beauty pageant in Monday papers. Right now the final 12 delegates that make it to the finals might be out, i wish you luck my friend! Hope you can suceed!


Berjaya Times Square Hotel?

Have you ever heard about Berjaya Times Square Hotel? I just heard about it a few days ago from my sis. I’ve been to Times Square quite a number of times however I didn’t know that there is a hotel there. My sis will be staying in Times Square Hotel for these 9 days in Malaysia.

In the afternoon, I’d my marketing mid-term test. After that I continued my lecture. I was very very tired at that time since I have left home since early in the morning. However I managed to pay attention when the Marketing lecturer said she’s from Teluk Intan(her hometown). It’s 4.45pm when the lecture ends. Initially I wanted to ask my lecturer some questions, however I decided to leave since I am rushing for time. I’m going to meet sis at 6pm!

It’s been quite a long time since the last time I drove to city centre. However it took me just 45 minutes to reach Times Square. On my way there, I saw some police “negotiating” beside the road near Medan Imbi.

When I reached there, I immediately went to the information counter and asked them the direction to the Times Square Hotel. I took the lift to 14th floor to the Hotel’s lobby. Damn! It was so grand! I’ve been to Times Square so many times but I didn’t know that there’s such a Hotel here!

I can see lots of guards there with their walkie-talkie. The cleaner gave me a smile. Even the guards shoe are shiny than mine. I'm so "paiseh". I simply took out a magazine and read at the sofa. The time is still early. After a while, I received a call. I thought it’s my sis. However it’s Jia Hao, my housemate. He told me that the results are out! He told me his results. I calculated for him, he got a GPA of 3.56, nearly got into the Dean List! He asked me to check my results. I said that why risk myself of checking the results? I could be very down due to my poor results last semester. However right now I could still be proud of my previous semester results.

After a while, my sis called. She said she’d been waiting for me at the lobby. However I could not see any sign of her. After having communicated, only I realized that she’s at the ground floor lobby, I'm at the 14th floor. I immediately went to the ground floor. I recognized sis at my first look. It’s not much difference from the photo she sent me! However she said that I look a little small(small at the sense of small kid not size!).

“Say me young still okie lar…small arr???oso first time heard ppl say me small!haha….”

After that we just walk around Times Squareand we snap quite a number of photos. However she need to go back hotel to have dinner at 7pm. Therefore not much time left. Somewhere around the theme park, we met one of the models who is coming for the competition. She’s just very pretty, it’s not only pretty, she just looks like an artist! Any girl with a decent look would look pretty when make up are piled on their faces. However there is no make up on her face yet she still looks so “shining”. You could immediately take notice of her in a big crowd. It’s not a normal pretty girl you see. It’s really different! Sis told me that she’s only 18 years old. However, she looks matured and also high. Sis said she’s 177cm(I thought she is higher than that!). Anyway she just looks like an artist – Liu Yi Fei. I wonder whether you heard of her before.

Sis told me that when she mix around with the models they are quite “okie”. Okie at the sense that they are friendly. However when they are dining, they smoke! It’s very true indeed, never judge a book by its cover. After a while, I received an sms from my classmate asking my results and saying that she’s very down because her results are bad. I managed to text a reply to her…

After that, it’s time for sis to go back her room to get ready for dinner. I followed her back to her room. She's staying at the 41st floor. It’s the first time for me to enter a five star hotel room. I’ve only been to a three star hotel. No doubt, it’s very comfortable inside! However what fascinates me was the scenery from the room. I’m having the city view from 41st floor! It’s beautiful!

I never expected pudu jail to look like this !

Just have a look and you will know how terrible is the traffic system in Kuala Lumpur!

After that, I said goodbye to sis. I went to ground floor and have a look around the hotel. Managed to snap this water fountain.

I immediately remember my classmate after I step out the hotel. I text another message to reassure her. I just walk around the shopping complex. The first shop I enter is the Sony retail shop. It seems that I’m not satisfied with my current laptop. Have been thinking of buying a Sony Vaio! It’s priced at more than RM7000! An amount that would definitely write me off to own a Sony Vaio.

Then, I entered a watch shop. The price tag immediately frighten me off! It’s more than RM10, 000 for an Omega watch. I have only forty over dollars in my wallet. However I dared myself and have a look in the shop. I look at the Guess watches. They are having promotion and have 10% off! Maybe Guess watch will be a more reasonable choice for me since it is price around RM400. After exchanging some words with the promoter, I left the shop. Of course I left the shop lar~~ How you expect me to buy since I have only forty over dollars left!

I was very hungry at that moment since I haven’t had my dinner. I was thinking of what to eat when I reached Borders.

Without a second thought I went in. Initially I wanted to go to second floor(DaJiang bookstore) where Chinese books are available. However I heard Eric Chong’s voice saying “Your Chinese is good enough, it’s time to improve on your English” Then something flash across my mind. “Agatha Christie” I’ve wanted to read her books. I get the help from the shop assistant. She’s also a fans of Agtha Christie. She recommended me this book – 4:50 from Paddington. However, I picked one of Agatha’s classic – “Murder on the Orient Express”

After that, I had my dinner with Agatha Christie on the Orient Express. I could not concentrate on the story, partly is because my language problem, partly is because I am SMS-ing with my classmate. We started SMS from 7pm (if I’m not mistaken) until 9pm when I get out from the Borders. We started SMS about the exam results to blogging….

When I walked out. I saw a stall selling remote control car. This car is so specially design that its tyre will protect its body. It can also rotate for 360 degrees. I was attracted to it! I wanted to get one to play with since it’s only RM60. yess...I admit that I'm childish! However I persuaded myself to walk away from that stall…

I’m very tired. I wanted to go home as soon as possible. I could not stay a second longer in the shopping complex as I fear that my legs would bring me to the ATM machine. When I was walking to the car park I saw this poster, yeahh….Andy Lau’s concert!

“nono….i told myself, you have no money right now….go back as soon as possible!”

On my way to the car park I saw this.

It seems that another Nike shop will be opening soon…

It’s 10pm when I drove out from Times Square. It’s drizzling. The rain became heavier when I reached Jaya Jusco Taman Maluri. It’s totally jam! Again I was caught in the traffic. It took me more than an hour to reach Sungai Long! It’s really a tiring day. I should be in bed right now, but I managed to get this posted before my sweet dream!


Friday, October 28, 2005

Why blog at this moment??

I should be studying at this moment! I have marketing mid-term test tomorrow, however i can explain. I'm at home, not in Cyber Cafe, not in friend's house, not in UTAR's library! I do not have STREAMYX at home either. Yess....there's wireless at home.....

I've bought my laptop since last December, however I did not detect any wireless network in my room. My housemate just bought his laptop yesterday. When he came home this afternoon, he immediately told me that he could detect a wireless network in his room. I laughed at him. That network required a network key as it is a security enabled network.

Just now, half an hour ago he detected another network, an open network free for access. We were very excited! Damn excited! I immediately brought my laptop to his room...However there is only one "special" place in the room that can connect to the wireless network! Therefore only one person can online at one time....

Another roomate of mine who saw us MSN-ing envy us. We can see his saliva flowing out from his mouth...He kept on "reminding" us "tomorrow got exam oh~~"

It seems that we do not have to sleep tonight already. Not for studying marketing but to online!!! Hai~~~how come now only we realise this wireless network?? Why do we detect this network on an exam eve??

Anyway tomorrow i will try to make a network connection with my housemate laptop using a LAN cable, maybe we can get both laptop online at the same time. Then I would not need to go UTAR library so early every morning......

However, I need to control myself.....I haven't finish my marketing revision! Need to study after "a while"....haha~~


Thursday, October 27, 2005


I've been a loyal Maxis customer since the very first day i owned a handphone. However in Maxis customer database, I'm only a Maxis user for not more than 5 months. Why? Because I've been changing my number quite frequent. I started out with prepaid, then a main line, a supplementary line and now a main line again!

These are the number I've used in the past....

012-4XX2131 (prepaid)
012-5XX1127 (prepaid)
012-2XX9127 (main line RM99 package)
012-6XX9127 (supplementary line)
012-3XX7781 (main line RM75 Standard package)

I started with hotlink, after some time, I found out that I am making more and more calls and using hotlink is not worth it. So i decided to switch to main line. At that time, Maxis doesn't allow hotlink users to switch to main line. Therefore I changed my handphone number. After that I changed my handphone number again because of the cheaper plan and some other reasons.

One of the reasons I changed my handphone number is because i have lots of unwanted phone calls. People kept on calling my handphone for Mr Tan, Mary, XXX, XX, XXX....... I therefore changed my handphone number recently. I thought I would have a peace of mind. I was wrong. The same thing happened. Then one day, I realized something! One of my friends told me that when she called one of my old number(012-2249127) someone picked up the phone! I was using that number a year ago! Maxis had given that number to other customer in just a year time! No wonder i received so many calls even I am using this "new" number. Someone might have been using this number some time ago.

It seems that Maxis customers are growing and they are short of "beautiful" numbers. Maxis had offered me 017-2772277 to me when i signed up for the standard package. i rejected, i want a 012 number! I think this is one of the problems Maxis is facing, most of the users want a 012 number!

Actually there's not much choice for malaysian left when maxis acquired Time and Telekom acquired Celcom. There are only 3 telecommunication company left, Maxis, Celcom and Digi. Why did i choose Maxis at first place? it's because of coverage. It has the widest coverage in Malaysia, as far as I am concerned when i first subscribe to Maxis. However Maxis call rates are expensive! Celcom's postpaid rate is 20cents per minute but it's on minutes basis. This means that every second of your call is fully utilize. However, Maxis is using block basis. 30 seconds per block. This means that if your call duration is 29 seconds, they will charge you 8 cents. if your call duration is 31 seconds they will charge you 15 cents. So you might as well talk until one minute and you will get the same charge of 15 cents! I've calculated my phone bill, if Maxis were to charge me using the minutes basis, my phone bill will dramatically decrease! Digi is also using block basis. However it's 12 seconds per block for Digi and it's better for Digi users.

Maxis always claim that they have the widest coverage! That's only for GSM network! Their 3G coverage is only limited in the Klang valley. And guess what? There is no coverage even in Cheras, Kajang and Setapak! However the launching of 3G by Maxis has forced Celcom to reduce its video calls rate. Maxis is charging video calls at voice calls rate that is 15 cents per minute. Celcom was charging its customer at a high rate before Maxis launch its 3G services.

Currently there is only 2 telecommunication company that owns a 3G license. However, there are 2 more 3G license out for bid. The bidding will end somewhere around next month. MCMC will announce the other two 3G owner next year. Digi is seen as one of the favorites to grab a 3G license.

Apart from the expensive call rate and the coverage, another thing i found out bad on maxis is their customer service! I would need to wait for quite a long time to talk to their operator! Yesterday night i called up Maxis centre. I asked them about my phone bill. My bill cycle ends at the 24th every month! Since I was on holiday last month, I made less calls. My unbilled amount up to 23rd is RM67. This means that I need to make some calls to avoid losing my call time! I therefore called my friend up to crap at 23rd 11.00pm. What came to my surprise is the amount was charged to the November bill! According to the operator, if my bill cycle ends on 24th, they will close the account by 23rd midnight and get the bill finalize by 24th. Any calls made during 23rd will be charged to the following month!

"wei....why early early din tell people??if like that you should have told me that my bill cycle is at 23rd mar.......$%#@%$#^*$*#@$!$%"

This had made me lost a total of RM8 last month since my talktime could not be carried forward! And my unbilled amount for this month is already RM16! Today is 27th, in just three days I've used up RM16! Actually some part of it is due to the call during 23rd midnight to my friend! I did not expect it to be charged to this month bill!

Maxis had also been overcharging me for my first bill. They overcharged me for the 3G streaming and the video calls. However they took immediate action to correct it in the following month bill after I called them up. What will happen if i did not notice the mistake in my bill? I might not be able to recover the amount they overcharged me! Please do not expect customer to check every details in their bills. Hopefully Maxis can provide accurate bills to customers!

Besides that, I also find it extremely hard to log in the Maxis website to view my bills. You can check Maxis site out and just click a few links. I guarantee you to thrash your monitor if you are using a dial-up modem! Maybe it's time for Maxis to upgrade their server!

Why am I saying all these?? Am I switching to other Telco?? No way! I'll stay a Maxis subscriber! Why?? Maybe this is what people call as "Brand Loyalty"!


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

International English Express Road Show

I went to Wisma MCA for the International English Express Road Show organised by Erican last Sunday. The event started at 2pm. Since I'm so 'smart', I reached there around 1.30 to avoid the crowd and traffic. However when I reached there, there was already a big crowd waiting outside. It seems that Klang Valley people are all smart! I've to wait outside the hall for around half an hour. It's really crowded and packed. The distance between the person next to you can be calculated in millimeter(mm). At 2pm, the organiser still kept the door close(there's only one entrance). The people in charge kept walking in and out the hall, squeezing in between the crowd that waited outside. The atmosphere is tense and the air is hot. I started sweating. People started to become impatient.

Then, at around 2.15pm only they open the door for us. Just imagine the scene, the whole crowd heading towards a door! After that, the usual stuff began.....YB Dato XXX give speech, followed by XXX PJK AMP, Tan Sri XXX, XXX,.........There is also certificate presentation in between speeches. What makes me wonder is, they need all the VIP's on stage to present just a certificate! This made the recipient busying shaking hands with all the VIP's on stage and this had delayed the time.

By the time everything's done, it's already 3.30pm. Almost half the time is allocated for all those "mou liew" things.

"I came here to see how Eric Chong teach english one wor....not for all these stuff arrr......" I said silently deep inside my heart.

However, all my trouble for attending this Road Show was immediately compensated. The moment Eric Chong step on the stage, he's just having full attention from all the audience. He is motivating. He is inspiring. He is just a great public speaker! In his speech he insisted the importance of learning English. He then throwed a question to the audience.

"Do you hope to master English?"
"Is it a must for you to master English?"

He continued, if anyone here hopes to master English, there is the way out(pointing at the door). If you must master English then congratulations to you! You have succeeded in your first step.

It's very true indeed. Very often in life, we tell ourselves that we hope to do this............ we hope to do that.....but in the end, nuts! nothing happened.....This is because we leave a "backdoor" for ourselves. We did not put in 100% of effort. We will only do what we can and leave the rest for the god to decide. However, when we tell ourselves we must do this......we must do that.....we leave ourselves with no choice. There is no chance for us to look back and we will go beyond our limits to try our very best!

Eric Chong continued with a conversation with a girl. A girl once asked him "How can I marry a rich guy?"
He then asked the girl "What do you do most of the time?"
The girl replied "I wait"
"Where do you wait?"
"I wait at home"

He said that, in real life your "prince" will not ride a white horse coming to you. You must go out there and look for him. If you really want to marry a rich man, ask yourself where is the places rich man usually visit. Places such as golf course, airport, Hotel....are a common spot for rich man. Find a job there and your chances to marry a rich man is higher than you waiting at home.

The same goes for mastering English. If you wish to master English and you read chinese papers, listen to chinese radio station, speak in chinese, there is no way for you to excel in this language! We must read english, watch english(programme), sing english(songs), use english and live english. If you want to master english but you live in an environment without communicating english you are just like the girl who is waiting at home for her prince!

He also said that there are two types of people in this world, a succeesful person and a failure. Both are very busy. Everyday, a successful person will find reasons to strive for life. A failure will find excuses for his failure. "Why i always fail?" "people succeed is because he is smart, i am stupid." "he succeed because he has a rich dad" "I cannot do this one larr~ i am born to be like this!" "i am not tall enough so i fail" "she is so pretty, sure all the guys like her"

After having ignite the burning flame in the audience heart to learn english, he taught us some pronounciation. He continues the talk with some grammer and lastly the difference between American English and British English.

It was indeed a very motivating talk. Eric Chong can talk in two very different kind of tone. When he speaks chinese, he just looks like anyone of us(chinese ed). When he speaks english, he immediately tranform to a "mat salleh" unlike us who speaks manglish!

Anyway, the part i like most of his talk is

"hope" and "must"

next time i'll tell myself I MUST do.........instead of hoping!

"I must study marketing after i get this posted!"

p/s : I have marketing exam this Friday!


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Feeling Cafe - Hello Cafe - Wong Kwok

I should have been at Feeling Café last Monday. But then hor…my fren call me.....I din make up my mind…then got MIS to do….then when he phone me, he only talked about MIS….then I oso din asked him what time go….then when he go he oso din call me…..then I waited alone at home for his call…..then when I phoned him he already at Feeling Café……then…..

In short, it’s just miscommunication that forced me to miss the sweet voice of the singer there last Monday. Anyway, I’ve made up my mind to go Feeling Café yesterday night. Everything went out as what we planned. No miscommunication anymore. Everyone turn up at the right place at the right time. There’re altogether 12 persons going in three cars. I was the last one reaching there. When I reached there, I was surprise to see both of my friends’ car parking outside Feeling Café. Then I noticed something, Feeling Café is closed!

It’s too bad...spoiled our good mood only. I saw a notice saying that Feeling Café will be closing for every Sunday and Monday starting from 23 Oct. Please do not expect us to go back Sg Long after having all the trouble to gather everyone and reaching here. After some discussion, we then decided to go Hello Café. I’ve always wanted to go to Hello Café since I’ve never been there. It’s bad that Feeling Café is closed but I got the chance to go Hello Café!

We get our car parked in South City Plaza. Just when all of us was to enter Hello Café, one of my friends shouted, “Dun decide so fast, you see the “Wong Kwok” beside also not bad, also got people singing.” In the end, we ended up in “Wong Kwok”. Please do not ask me why, I wanted to know the reason too. Just when we sit down, someone yelled, “wei….Hello Café’s singer very pretty oohh….” Immediately all the guys went and had a peep. Everyone came back with a fully regretted face.

However it’s not too bad to be in “Wong Kwok”. I got to see the “MINI" Teh Ais.

Though I’m very tired, it’s fun to hang out with friends once in a while. Many new gossips started spreading while we are chit-chatting. It seems that I’ve been very outdated. The latest gossip? “A super lenglui in our lecture class fall in love with one of our friends” Haha…need to congratulate him…Gambateh oohh….

Sometimes, not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck. We plan to go Feeling Café but ended up in “Wong Kwok”. Life is unpredictable and uncertain; sometimes we need to accept things that are beyond our control. Human plans but god decides!


Monday, October 24, 2005

SMS - true or fake?? (edited)

I received a sms from an unknown sender yesterday night around 11.55pm. This is the sms,

“Need ur help 2forward 2 those hv blood type AB-ve.Need urgently 4 NgKianSeng at Hsp Universiti PJ.Ward 8U,Room35 hp 012-6558702.send 2others pls, very urgent.”

My first instinct when received this message was to forward it to as many people as I could. Since all details(even room number) are given in the sms, I felt that this must be a true case. I could not take any risk as this involve the chance of a person living, a precious life. It’s not worth it to save the 5 cent per sms and just leave that sms unforward in my inbox. I did not contact the sender as I thought that he chosen my number randomly. Therefore I forwarded it to more than 10 of my contacts at one shot. In just less than 5 minutes, I received a call from one of my friends. She asked whether I know the guy(NgKianSeng) mentioned. I told her that I don’t even know the sender of this message. After that we just chat randomly.

After hanging up the phone, I suspect something fishy. I suspect the truthfulness of this sms. I immediatelt try calling the handphone number in the sms (012-6558702). To my surprise, my call was forwarded to a voice message. I tried again for a few times. Same thing happened. I then made up my mind to call the sender of the sms.

“Helloo…..May I know who’s on the line please?”
“erm….I’m Chin Fei”
“ooohhhh……Chin Fei arr…I thought is who wor…”
“Haha…yala, I changed my handphone number recently.”
“wei….the sms you sent true or not one??”
“Dunnoo leh…I received 3 same sms from my friends liao wor….i just forwarded it out.”
“But I just call the number in the sms, my call was forwarded to a voice message.”
“Huh….why leh?you AB blood type meh??”
“Nolar…I just wanna check whether this message is true…”
“Oh….maybe the person switch off the handphone leh…”
“but if very urgent, won’t switch off handphone kuaa….”
“dunno wor like this….wah, you still thought of calling the number har…I just forwarded it out.”
“erm…nevermind if like this, I try again tomorrow….”

This morning, when I woke up, the first thing I do was to call that number. Again, my call was forwarded to a voice message.

I’ve no idea whether is this sms a true case. I pray that there is no such people who are so free and create such sms to fool people. May it be the telecommunication company(maxis, celcom, digi) who had created this sms to increase their turnover? Is it that someone wanted to let this number(012-6558702) to receive lots of unwanted calls? I have no idea! Hopefully this is not the case. It’s really a bad karma to take advantage of people sympathy to achieve their aim, a bad one indeed. Anyway, I’ll try calling that number to verify the sms! What do you think? Have you received the same sms? What will you do should you receive that sms?


I managed to reach the owner of the handphone in the evening. According to him, this sms was "created" during September 2004. The patient had now fully recovered. He also thanked me for my concerns. I was very glad to have heard this news.


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Evil? dirty?

Very often we heard people saying "money is the root of all evil". People said this so often that it nearly becomes a fact. However how true is this statement?

Money is only a creation of human for the sake of convenience in transferring goods and services. People in the olden days does not use money, they use the barter system. There is no money at that time but evil does exists! So, how could you say that money is the root of all evil? Evil comes before money!

It's actually the greed of human towards money that is the root of evil. People try many many ways to get money. Of course, some uses illegal(evil) ways to get money. How could you blame money when it's just a piece of note that does nothing bad? It's the greed of human that creates all the evil! When a robber robs a bank(for money), how could you blame the money but not the robber?

Let's turn to another scenario. It's also very common to hear people saying "politics are dirty!" I've recently received a mail from my friend. One paragraph wrote

"One can claim not to want to be involved in politics, but politics will not spare any one, in fact, every minute of our life is decided by one political decision or other.
The "dirty politics" theme is an eternal excuse for apathy, disinterest and abdication. It is not politics - which must be regarded as one of the most noble forms of public service - which is dirty, but people who make politics dirty. All the necessity for "clean" and idealistic people to enter politics to clean up politics and raise quality and standards."

See the connection between these two cases? It's not money or politics to be blamed for being evil or dirty. It's the people who make things complicated!


This is what i call perfect english!

Dear Zhemin,

It's nice to hear from you after all this while. Yes, indeed time seems to fly. Ha! Before long you'll be graduating and working. Do not worry about your decision 3 years ago ...remember what I told the class ....
"Yesterday is history, nothing but a memory;
Tomorrow is a mystery, an uncertainty.
What matters is today ... that's why the PRESENT is a GIFT."
Just do and give your best .... with sincerity, honesty and responsibility. Leave everything else to the 'gods'. Accept things as they come along .... with understanding and wisdom.
I trust you have the maturity and wisdom as far as time management is concerned. Life comprises various facets ... one needs to find the balance as one grows, most importantly, in compassion and wisdom.

Yes, the standard of English today is not good. I still have an MUET class and it is a big task to motivate the students to improve in their English .... reading, listening, speaking and writing. Well, I do what I can .... when I still can! Actually much depends on the individual. I had one student in the last batch who scored Band 6 ( He is an avid reader ) but when he sat for his SAT and TOEFL ( He's trying to get into a US Ivy League University) , his English scores were still not good enough. No wonder our Government is getting 'worried' and there are so many jobless graduates due to poor communication skills.

Yes, I am aware of the current BLOGGING craze .... I had a look at various Blog Web sites ... Ha! Blogging is really not for me. For one thing, I do not have the time. The Dhammaduta work at PBHP is tremendous . But then, for we Dhammaduta workers , this sort of work is the most joyful and meaningful in life. You know, I really like the theme of our 11th DYC , "Troubled Times, Dhamma Chimes." When one reflects on the state of the world today ....terrorism, natural tragedies, social conflicts and upheavals, the 'dis-eased' individual minds etc., one gains some insight as to what one really wants to do in such uncertain times. I try my best to live by one of the philosophical ideals of PBHP .... "Serve to be perfect. Be perfect to serve." ( Actually, Dhamma-wise this refers to the compassion and wisdom aspects of our practice .... a reaching out and a looking in .)

Virtual chit-chat and blogging don't really appeal much to me. I prefer the human touch where I meet with people face to face for Dhamma sharing etc. Of course, such things do have some uses but I find that today too many have become addicts and valuable time slips by.

We are all getting along fine over here at PBHP. We have started to use our new building. There are still lots of things to tend to but we do the best we can for the benefit of many. Our 13th DYC ( from 17 Nov to 21 Nov 2005 ) with the theme "Doing good, seeking Truth" will be using both the old and new buildings. It's already Full House ... 80 participants and more than 30 committee members. I have just finished the script and Power points for the Talent Night ( on 19 Nov 2005) .... a Multimedia Presentation of the Life of The Buddha. It took me some time to write the script and do the Power Point Slides .... more than 300 all in all. Anyway, despite the hard work, there was much joy in it.

It's unbelievable that PBHP is now more than 18 years old ...It was like only yesterday when we started the Buddhist Association. Much has happened .... and the Dhammaduta work gave many of us meaning and some insight of what life is all about. Although every year is a busy time, I do take breaks .... vacation or retreats. The most meaningful and spiritually uplifting time for me last year was our Pilgrimage to India and Nepal in November 2004. You know, the feelings and experiences at the Holy Places are really indescribable. I hope I will be able to go again for a third time somewhere in the near future.

2005 will be ending soon. In June 2005, I went for a 10-Day Meditation Retreat conducted by Ajahn Brahmavamso, an Australian monk. It was the best retreat I've ever attended. Ajahn Brahm ( a disciple of Ajahn Chah ) is truly remarkable. He overwhelms you with his tremendous compassion and wisdom. To me, the things we learnt and experienced in the retreat were the greatest lessons of life. You know, if you wish to know more about this remarkable monk, you can visit the website, You can download fantastic Dhamma talks by Ajahn Brahm.
Yes, I'll still be having my guidance classes next year apart from Dhamma classes. Ha! So you see, I will be kept pretty occupied. In between, when I find some time, I do some writing ( a manuscript ... ha! still struggling along ) and prepare some power points for Dhamma promotion or my educational classes. ( I attach a File of a ppt 'Humor Lessons' I did recently . Hope you like it. )

Well, I think I need to sign off now. All the best to you. Take care.

With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin

This was a mail i received from my teacher in secondary. Most of the times, people tend to use boombastic words when they are writing(including me). Some even use those words when they are not sure about it. They just like to impress others rather than express themselves. This is a fatal mistake! However reading this mail makes me feels that the words and sentences are well connected and it just flows smoothly. There is little or none vocabulary that i don't understand in the mail. I can read the whole mail without the help of dictionary.

If only i could reach one third of this english standard then it would be really sufficient to me! Anyway i posted this mail as the content is inspiring and motivating. I hope that you can benefit from it!


Friday, October 21, 2005

Now, my handphone!

Should have get this posted a few days ago. But then, time doesn't allow, many other incidents happened made me blog about other things...

If you had previously followed my Space, you might know that i was forced to format my portable hard disk due to crashing. Yess....i overload my hard disk and all my files are corrupted. It was indeed a pity for me to lose all my files. History repeats, it's my handphone's turn. I'm using a Nokia Symbian phone. I copy lots of video clips into my MMC card. This made my phone's memory low. In the end, I need to format my handphone. Actually there is around 50Mb of space free in my memory card when i checked with my laptop. However the handphone can only read 5Mb of free space.

Damn! Second time in my life, I've lost important data! All the messages in my handphones are gone. I've a total of nearly 1000 messages in my inbox, sent items and drafts. There are some messages that i drafted but haven't sent out! All the notes and important dates i saved in my phone are also gone. Luckily, the shop assistant managed to save my contacts. However my sim card can only save 250 contacts. When i got my phone back, i check my contacts(the only thing i was left with!). My last contact is Yat Ying. This means that all contacts that comes after Yat Ying are gone. I've lost their contacts. Friends like, Yee Hern, Yet Thing, Yook Yook, Yu Ping, Ze Bin, Zeng Kai, ......and the list goes on. If anyone of you just accidentally read this post, just contact me ok? Just text me a message.

Another thing i notice when i get back my phone was, I need to reset all the settings! Including the time and date, my personalize profile, and the MMS and GPRS settings. I'll just leave the 3G settings aside since there is no coverage in Sungai Long and i do not use it quite often. It was only yesterday when i noticed something freaky with my "silent" profile. I use to have vibration alert for my "silent" profile. However the default setting of the profile does not have vibration alert! No wonder i miss quite a number of SMS's and calls when i was in the library!

A piece of advice for you guys who are using Symbian phone. Always save your messaages in your memory card and do backup a copy of your phone memory in your memory card. Lastly, backup another copy of your memory card in your pc! That would be perfect then. Unless you are so Suay~ that your handphone, memory card and pc crashes at the same time!


Be thankful

“I joined this camp because of my parents, they are the coordinator of “Tzu Chi”. Initially I didn’t want to join this camp. I do not have any friends joining as well and this had made me hesitating in the decision to join this camp. However I never regretted joining this camp. In fact, I might regret if I did not join it. This camp changed me a lot, including my thinking and I have a new perception on life. I am thankful for what I am and what I have.

I used to complain about UTAR. Since last semester, I go back hometown quite often because something happened in my family. Whenever it’s time for me to leave my hometown for UTAR, I felt very reluctant to go back. I had been to NTU. I always ask myself, why others can have a proper campus while UTAR has little or no facilities. It’s not that my parents could not afford better option for my tertiary education. Why do I still need to end up in UTAR? After joining this camp, I learnt to be thankful, and this is the most important thing to me. There are many more other teenagers that could not further their studies. I should be thankful to my parents for sending me to UTAR to have a good education.

Besides that my hands shiver, my hands shiver whenever I shake hands with other people. I also shiver whenever I grab things. This is due to inheritance from my mum. I used to blame my mum for this reason. Why am I the only daughter that inherits this “disease”? Sometimes when I’m angry, I even said words that I regretted saying to my mum. After joining this camp, I realized my mistake. I should be thankful to my mum for giving birth to a healthy daughter and not a disabled. I cried to my mum asking for forgiveness. Last time when people asked me why my hands are shivering, I couldn’t answer. Now, if anyone asks me the same question, I’ll tell them that this is the symbol of love that my mum left for me.

Always remember, whatever happens between you and your parents, they are still your parents. Any dispute and quarrel can be solved. Another important thing you must keep in your mind is showing filial obedience to parents cannot be delayed. Time does not wait for you. You will never know what will happen tomorrow. Please appreciate every moment with your parents and respect them when god still allows you to do so.

My dad was diagnosed by doctor to suffer from blood cancer (leukemia). This happened during my last semester. This is the reason I used to go back hometown so frequent. Though my dad is a good samaritan who helps a lot in “Tzu Chi”, he doesn’t complain when he got to know that he was suffering from leukemia. He does not blame god for not being fair. He just accepted it as a fact. Since the chances of getting bone marrow that match my dad was very small, my mum decided to try the Chinese traditional treatment. The Chinese herbs eliminate the toxicants in my dad body. As a result, you can see the boil on my dad’s body growing bigger and bigger as time passes. When the boil is big enough, it burst and the pus flows out from it. My dad has sleepless night throughout that period of time. His whole body was so itchy and he just couldn’t lie down. I was so helpless and could not stop blaming myself for I could not help him in any way either.

Right now, I appreciate every second with my parents, especially my dad. Yesterday I got a phone call from home saying that my dad’s white blood cell had increase. This Sunday is my dad’s birthday and I’m going back to celebrate with him. Please appreciate every moments with your loved ones when it is not too late. Please do not have any regrets in life due to ignorance and ego. Tell them how much you love them while you have the chance. Things will not always be the same. Life is uncertain.

Before I joined this camp, I was a timid girl. I will never come forward to share my own experience and feelings in an occasion like now. This camp really changed me a lot. The most important thing I learnt, is to be thankful and feel grateful to everyone I meet. I fervently hope that, everyone here can get something out of my sharing and not repeating the silly acts I’ve done.”

These are words that come from a girl’s true feeling after experiencing the ups and downs in life. She was left in tears after that sharing. She might have lost some tears but she won the applause from us, every single person that is present.

Yesterday night, I went for a sharing for a camp. A camp organized by “Tzu Chi”. This sharing is meant for participants who had attended the camp to share their own feelings and opinions after the 3 days 2 nights camp. I didn’t attend the camp but I somehow turn up for that sharing. It had been a long long time since I last attended a camp like this. If I’m not mistaken, it might be the 9th Dhamma Youth Camp I had in PHBP. Anyway I might join the "Tsu Chi" camp next year. It’s always a great moment to join these type of camps. You learnt lots of things that you can’t find in textbooks. It’s just real life experience. I was forced to think over and over again after that sharing. Sometimes in life, it’s good to stop down your face pace and take a deep thought on what you have done. Have you ever made your parents sad and disappointed? Have you ever broken your parents’ heart? Have you ever spoken out words that are not supposed to say to your parents? Have you ever told your parents “I love you”?


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Loreal e-strat challenge

I went for a briefing for the Loreal e-strat challenge in my campus yesterday. There was two executives from Loreal Malaysia who turn up to give us the briefing. This is an international virtual business game where a team of three members act as the GM of Loreal and make business decisions.

It was indeed a very very challenging game and I'm up for it! The grand price is a 10 000 Euro trip to any place of your destination. Yess...I am dreaming! Haha.... This competition will last for three months(if we are not knocked out at the early of the competition). Since we are not competing directly against other competitors from other countries, i have faith in my team. In other words, all the participants are playing against computer. The team who get the best results against the computer will emerge as the winner. However if your team qualify for the finals, you will need to present your business plan to the Loreal top executive in Paris. Seems that I've been dreaming of Paris for the whole day after that briefing! According to them(executives from Loreal Malaysia), Malaysia(MMU students) nearly made their way to Paris last year by just losing 0.7 in SPI(share price index) to Singapore.

After the briefing, my teammate told me that there are 3 things we need to work on,

1. Command of english (aiks...this nonit say i early early oso knoe liao lar~~)
2. Grooming
3. Public Speaking

No doubt, my english is only "cukup makan" in UTAR. If you want me to go out there and speak, it's a big trouble for me! Gromming is also a nightmare for me since i do not care much of my appearance most of the time. I wear what i feel comfortable. Maybe it's time for a change. I've attented a Grooming workshop by a proffesional image consultant during my trip to Cameron Highlands with Accounting Society. I think I'll need to dig all the notes given during that workshop and study carefully! Something for you to laugh at, this is the feedback i gave during the talk. They adress me as an ACCA.'s just a beautiful mistake since i haven't even got a degree! As for public speaking, you knoe lar~~ I have stage fright! When i stand in front of the class, words will be stucked at my throat. How you expect me to be a good public speaker?? Somehow i didn't even score an "A" for "public speaking" during my foundation studies!

Apart from this international competition, we also took part in the "investment game". This is a competition organised by UTAR DSA(Department of Student Affairs). My friend told me that we might have to read some "International Finance" books to get some idea of the questions. What? International Finance arr?? This is year three subject wor.... now the "marketing" i oso cannot finish study u want me study "International Finance" meh?? But nevermind...... I'm going for it, I don't care if i fail my "marketing" this semester. Since we are competing with some year three students, we will have to double our effort to get at least something out of this "Investment game". I'm confident that if we put in enough effort we can beat the year three students. However, i'll always remind myself not to be overconfident.

Haih~~Seems that i'll be very very busy for this semester. Unexpected! I thought it'll be very relaxing since it's just a short semester. I'll need to reschedule all my plans. I'll have to spend my time very carefully as i could not afford to waste even a second. There's still a lot of work to be done!

Just before i was going to bed yesterday night, something flash across my mind!


Yess....that's my team name i thought of. we need a team name for both the competition! How you pronounced that? I thought it was pronounced as "just". I immediately text a message to my friend. He said that "jets" or "jazz" will be better. Anyway, we will meet on Saturday and get everything finalized. Yes, I'm ready for that challenge!

What??Our team name sounds weird and funny?? Haha...actually "Jedz" comes from our names...

J - Jia Hao
Ed - Ed Khing
Z - Zhemin

Any other better suggestions for our team name?


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New blog, new look, a new lease of life!

Wow! At last i made up my mind to sign up a blogger account! It's not as easy as what i thought. I expect to add links like what i did to my MSN Space. To my surprise, i need all the html codings! What the heck! I've forgotten all the codings since the day i left ktar! I regretted i didn't put in enough effort during my foundation year to take the html codings seriously! Anyway, i'll try my best to make this blog nicer.

Why did i sign up for a blogger acccount? i felt that MSN Space is not powerful enough and the most important thing is i felt, that it's pretty untidy compared to blogspot. Don't believe? Just take a look!


Look much better right? At least I personally feel so! Another reason that i sign up a blogger account is that people quite often don't call you a blogger if you do your postings in MSN Space! They might adress you as a "spacer" instead! Ha! See? So when i have a blogger account, no doubt, I'm a blogger! Ok, won't go on and elaborate the better of blogger account. I fear that people who is happy using MSN Space will come after me with a "parang"!

Erm....It's time to talk something about myself! Recently i had a haircut. Yess....I had a haircut! people who knows me knew that I don't quite visit the hair salon because i like my long hair! Even during my secondary schooldays also I don't need a barber to get my hair cut! My dicipline teacher will do the job for me. My parents had been nagging about my long hair since the day I ended my secondary school life (No dicipline teacher to cut my hair anymore!).

I do not have any special reason to get my hair cut in fact! I just got a call from my friend and we made our decision to cut our hair hastily and instantly! I have no idea when is the last day i went for a hair cut. For sure, it's a long long day ago. My stupid friend brought me to a hairdresser! (I used to go to a barber) No doubt, the service is perfect and the environment is pretty relaxing. However, when i finish my hair cut, I need to pay a three digit bill for my hair cut and some hair treatment product. damn! The three digit amount is more than the total amount i spent for all my previous haircut in my life! I only pay 5 dollar per haircut when i go for a barber. Anyway, it's the service that differs. It really makes a difference between a barber and a hairdresser.

After i had my hair cut. I look at my hair band...... Seems that i need to keep it in a place, a safe place that i don't see quite often, since i do not need it anymore(or "for the time being"?). My head seems lighter after the haircut! Seems that my hair and the hair band is quite heavy. My friend said that i look younger after i cut my hair. I've no idea..... You judge yourself....(don't laugh okay? This is the first ever picture of mine posted on web!)


Ok, enough for my hair. I don't want to get this post too long as this is my first post! These few days i had been waking up at the time i used to sleep. 6am! yess.... I used to sleep during 6am in the past but now i wake up at 6am. What i do so early wor?? Of course i blog lar~ What else can i do wor? Seems that it's becoming a motivation for me to wake up early! However i got scolded by tutor on Monday for not preparing the tutorial questions. Seems that i need to balance my time between blogging and my studies!

Last but not least! I've found what i want in life after wondering and thinking for quite some time. Yess... I'm back! I am back stronger and with more wisdom.... Recently, most of the incidents happened favoured me. Got quite a number of good news in just a short period. Maybe this is what people said "Rainbow appears after the rain".

Moreover, I'm going to meet a special person end of this month! Can't wait till the day arrives!