Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mahathir – fan of Spain football team?

4 years ago in the Korea/Japan 2002 World Cup, when Spain was eliminated by South Korea on penalties, Mahathir weep in the UMNO assembly announcing his resignation as the UMNO president and Malaysia’s Prime Minister. The next day, all mainstream media reported this news and Mahathir’s photo of crying in front of thousand UMNO delegates is on the newspaper cover.

Today, when Spain was knocked out by France in Germany 2006 world cup, Mahathir was sitting alongside PAS leaders in a forum/dialogue organised by Malaysia Today, criticizing the government’s policy. However, we do not read any news about Mahathir this time. Thanks to Mahathir’s contribution to the government’s control over all the mainstream media during his 22 years of administration. Now, the government’s control over all mainstream media is used against him. A few days earlier, our current PM, Abdullah had a conversation with all the newspaper chief editors in Putrajaya. He “advised” all the editors to make extensive coverage on the ninth Malaysia plan that is going to implement very soon, adding that newspapers should not report on issues that would not bring any development to the country. The message is clear, report anything about Mahathir and your printing license would be suspended!

Anyhow, with the help of internet, Mahathir’s accusation during the forum is still wide spread.

Some of Mahathir's quote during the dialogue :

"Pakar-pakar tertentu akan memberi nasihat supaya itu dijualkan kepada orang ini..beli ini...ini semua nasihat yang baik.
"Mereka mempunyai pengalaman,pelajaran..dapat ijazah dari Universiti Oxford...saya tak pi...saya pi juga Universiti Oxford...pi situ sajalah..saya tak belajar di Oxford...siapa tak belajar di Oxford Universiti...di Cambridge Universiti...semua bodoh-bodoh,"katanya sinis sambil disambut tepuk gemuruh para hadirin.
Dr Mahathir juga menyebut istilah ' kepakaran tingkat empat' ( iaitu tingkat dibawah pejabat Perdana Menteri).
"Tingkat empat ni boleh telefon siapa saja dan nasihat untuk buat benda yang baik.Sebab tu hari ini kita tengok semuanya baik-baik belaka...tingkat lima Perdana Menteri duduk...lebih berkuasa dari tingkat lima....sebab dia lebih pandai...tingkat lima tak pi Oxford,"

He pointed out that Abdullah is a half past six PM as all his decisions come from an Oxford graduate (hinting at Khairy Jamaludin, the PM’s son-in-law). When we do not read anything about Mahathir’s accusation during the forum, the next day, Minister in the Prime Minister Department, Nazri hit back at Mahathir challenging him to quit UMNO.

Nazri added: “The opposition is not causing us any problems. He is causing us problems. The opposition is down at the moment but he is giving all the opposition.” Nazri also said that it is not fair for Mahathir to drag deputy UMNO Youth chief Kairy Jamaluddin into the current dispute.
Isn’t this weird? When we do not read any news about Mahathir’s accusation, the next day, someone come out and tell the whole world what is actually going on! The same thing happened a few months ago during the nude squat incident. Nor Omar said in a press conference “Kalau (Chinese tourists) rasa polis kita kejam, tak payah datang ke Malaysia”. This news was banned from all the newspapers. A few days later, Nor Omar apologized for giving out such a statement. When we do not read (in the papers) what Nor Omar had said earlier, we came across the news of his apology!

Mahathir said that he will go around the country and give speeches (just like what Anwar had done when he was sacked by Mahathir) to the people and let everyone knows what is going on inside the government. I wonder whether he will come over to Sungai Long. If he does come here, I will definitely go and meet him cos i have 22 groups of questions for him to answer. Right now, Lim Kit Siang has a blog, Anwar recently came out with a blog. Perhaps it’s time for Mahathir to start his own blog.

Four years later, in the 2010 South Africa World Cup, when Spain is eliminated (once again), perhaps Mahathir would be in power (once again). That time, maybe our PM would be Nik Aziz and Mahathir would be our country’s lifelong advisor (like Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore). Nik Aziz as our country 6th PM also fulfils the RAHMAN theory.

R = Rahman
A = Abdul Razak
H = Hussein Onn
M = Mahathir
A = Abdullah
N = Nik Aziz

If you think that we will not have any pork to eat after Nik Aziz becomes our PM then you're wrong. This is because PAS does not rule as a sole party. There will be a PAS-DAP-Keadilan collaboration. Who knows, Lim Kit Siang might be our Housing and Local Government Minister and Karpal Singh might be our Work Minister. Seems impossible for Nik Aziz to be our PM? Think again! A few years ago, when David Beckham transferred to Real Madrid from Manchester United, he said a very classic quote “never say never”. The same thing applies here.

Is Mahathir a fan of Spain football team? Only he himself knows, but Mahathir is certainly not a fan of My Team which Khairy Jamaluddin is the executive producer.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup Fever – 10 best reasons not to go to work/class

  1. I don’t know how does this happen, but someone switched my clock to the German time. When I wake up (according to my clock), it’s time to go to bed (Malaysian time).
  2. England make it to the second round, I thought we have public holiday? (Please lar, already merdeka for 49 years! You thought we still under Queen Elizabeth meh?
  3. Argentina Football Association promised their players an incentive of USD 5000 for every goal scored. After the match against Serbia and Montenegro, I was calculating how much tax that is payable to the Argentina Government. Argentina scored 6 goals, which make the tax computation complicated. Worst still, the foreign exchange rate is changing every second.
  4. This morning when I was on my way to office/school, I saw two small kids playing football with Michael Ballack, Djibril Cisse, Oliver Kahn, Frank Lampard, David Beckham, Zinede Zidane and even Beckenbaur. I stopped down and watched the match. After the match ended only I realized that it’s an ad from Adidas. (Which stupid fella put a TV in the middle of a football field?)
  5. Peter Crouch can’t score against T&T in the first half. During half time, I had a video conversation with him and taught him how to score a header. I need some good rest after coaching.
  6. Yesterday night was damn hot; I was sweating and couldn’t sleep. (Perhaps the weather in Germany had “arrived” here!)
  7. There’s a scratch on my TV screen and I called a technician to repair it. He came to my house at 3am and I had to entertain him. I look at the technician (not the TV) for two hours to make sure he does the work. He said he can’t repair with the TV off, so I switch on the TV.
  8. Serbia and Montenegro is going to split into two different countries. This morning, I woke up at 6am to de-consolidate their financial statements. When I’m done, it’s lunch time.
  9. My phone kept ringing from 12am till 7am which kept me awake the whole night. I really need a sleep after that! (Maxis punya pasal lar, give 50% discount for what!)
  10. Return from share market is 7-8%; FD is 4.5%. Even EPF only gives out 5% dividend. But in world cup, the ROI is 90-100% (depends on bookie). Of course some get negative returns (because high risk; high return mar). I’m a risk taker, so I choose world cup.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

England - Sweden

All England matches in this world cup are only available on astro. Unless England makes it to the semis, then we would see them on TV. When I say TV, I mean TV1, TV2 and NTV7. The culprit behind this was Ananda Krishnan, major shareholder of Maxis and Astro. Maxis is the main sponsor of the live telecast world cup 2006. To increase the Astro subscriber, all England matches are available only on Astro. Kinda good business strategy, right?(cos most of the football fans in Malaysia are England supporter) End of the day, it only benefits all the mamak stalls.

I thought few would turn out for the England-Sweden match last night since it was at 3am. I was wrong, the whole mamak restaurant is full of football fans (it seems that everyone have “holiday” the next day). There are also quite a number of girls. I’m not sure they are watching football or David Beckham, anyway it creates great atmosphere with a full house of fans. After all, there are some girls out there who know more about football than any guys.

I saw a girl in Rooney’s jersey. Too bad, I left my England’s jersey at hometown, else I will wear it. There’s also a guy in Sweden’s jersey. This is the first time I see someone in a Sweden’s jersey.

During the second half, when Ashley cole failed to clear the ball off the line and Sweden get their equalizer making the score line 1-1, I was trying to be funny by asking my friend, “Who scored? Who scored?” Then someone behind me shouted “Rio Ferdinand, Rio Ferdinand Berjaya menjaringkan……”(Maxis 3G ad) we then burst into laughter.

England draw with Sweden in the end. This means that England’s embarrassing record of not beating Sweden for 38 years continues. Eriksson will leave after the world cup. This means that he will never be able to beat his own country as England’s coach.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Who will win the cup of life??

The 3964 theory
This theory states that when we add up the years of the country that wins world cup, we would get a total of 3964. Argentina won the world cup in 1978 and 1986. (1978 + 1986 = 3964) West Germany won the cup in 1974 and 1990. (1974 + 1990 = 3964) Brazil Won the world cup in 1970, 1994 (1970 + 1994 = 3964) and 1962, 2002 (1962 + 2002 = 3964)

3964 – 2006 = 1958

Brazil is the country who won the world cup in 1958. Therefore Brazil will win the world cup this year!

The hosting nation and defending champion theory
In the world cup history, whenever Brazil won the world cup, the following world cup would either being successfully defended by Brazil or being won by the host country.
Brazil won the world cup in 1958.
In 1962, they successfully defended the world cup.
Brazil won the world cup in 1970.
West Germany won the cup as host in 1974.
Brazil won the world cup in 1994.
France won the cup as host in 1998.
Brazil won the cup in 2002.
Therefore, it would be either Germany (host) or Brazil who will win the 2006 world cup!

The Germany formula
Germany had previously won the world cup in 1954, 1974 and 2002. Now the Germans came out with a winning formula.
54 X 74 – 1990 = 2006
Which they claimed is the year (2006) that Germany would win the world cup. Though this formula looks unconvincing, I’ve to salute the Germans for their creativity.

------World cup winners------------Host
1930 Uruguay----------------------Uruguay
1934 Italy--------------------------Italy
1938 Italy--------------------------France
1950 Uruguay----------------------Brazil
1954 West Germany----------------Switzerland
1958 Brazil--------------------------Sweden
1962 Brazil--------------------------Chile
1966 England-----------------------England
1970 Brazil--------------------------Mexico
1974 West Germany----------------West Germany
1978 Argentina---------------------Argentina
1982 Italy--------------------------Spain
1986 Argentina---------------------Mexico
1990 West Germany----------------Italy
1994 Brazil-------------------------USA
1998 France------------------------France
2002 Brazil-------------------------South Korea/Japan
2006 ?-----------------------------Germany

The average age theory
For the last ten world cup, the winner team’s average age is less then 28 years old. The only exception in the world cup history is the 1962 Brazil’s team where their average age is 30 years and one month old. Since then, the average age of the winning team is
1966 England (27 years and 1 month old)
1970 Brazil (25 years and 2 months old)
1974 West Germany (27 years and 3 months old)
1978 Argentina (26 years old and 3 months old)
1982 Italy (27 years and 4 months old)
1986 Argentina (26 years and 10 months old)
1990 West Germany (27 years and 9 months old)
1994 Brazil (27 years and 11 months old)
1998 France (27 years and 4 months old)
2002 Brazil (26 years and 9 months old)

One thing interesting that we should take note is that the average age of these winning teams is 26 years old and 11 months old. This is exactly the average age of the Germany Squad in world cup 2006. No other team has the same average age as Germany in the tournament. Does this mean that Germany would win the world cup?

The witch’s prophecy
According to the “Berlin Daily”, a witch in Berlin had predicted the results of the 2006 world cup using poker cards. She claimed that her prediction had an accuracy of 98%.
1. Italy will win the world cup.
2. Brazil will be knocked out in the semis.
3. England will make it to the finals but Rooney will do something stupid that brings disaster to the team.
4. Germany could not even make it to the quarter final.
Ironically, this witch doesn’t even know anything about football!


Sunday, June 18, 2006


It's a drama in the Malaysia open which ended in the evening. Lee Chong Wei met world number one Lin Dan in the men single finals. Lee Chong Wei won quite easily in the first set 21-18 and was leading in the second set. Lin Dan came back strongly in the middle of second set when he overcame Chong Wei 21-18. The most exciting part of the match was in the rubber set. Lin Dan was leading all the way in the third set and was on match point 20-14. Under the new scoring format system, every point counts. This mean that Lin Dan needed only one point (though Chong Wei is serving) to deny Chong Wei a treble. Whereas Chong Wei could not afford a single mistake and need to get a straight 6 points to get points leveled. At that time, I thought that Lin Dan would have definitely won the tournament. But miracle happens! Chong Wei won a straight 6 points and forced a deuce! They both get a point before Chong Wei snatch 2 points to win a classic match 23-21.

It seems that the linesman decision last year is still haunting Lin Dan. I was in the Cheras Badminton Stadium last year, watching Lee Chong Wei beating Lin Dan in the finals. The linesman made a few decisions that were in favour of Chong Wei and that had indirectly led Chong Wei to the champion last year. Lin Dan was very furious at the linesman decision and the game was abandoned for a while. The Chinese coach even protest to the match officials. Though I was supporting Chong Wei, I felt sorry for Lin Dan. Instead I felt ashamed as a Malaysian for organizing such an unjust competition. Last year, Lin Dan didn't lose to Chong Wei. He lost to the linesman. However this time round, the umpire has conducted a fair game.

This year, the linesman made some mistake during the game but the decision was against Chong Wei. When the points were leveled at 20-20 in the third set, the lineman made a crucial decision by ruling the shuttlecock out of Lin Dan's court though on the TV replay it was clearly in. This put Lin Dan on the match point again. However Chong Wei got 3 straight points to win the game. It was definitely a dream win for Chong Wei. As for Lin Dan, it's like the Chinese saying, "The cooked duck flies away". The commentator even said Chong Wei had used some badminton "magic" to win this game.Lin Dan was very furious after the game and he thrown his racquet away. I saw the umpire taking a red card out, however he didn't direct it to anyone. As far as I'm concerned, in badminton a red card means that a point will be awarded to the opponent. But the game is over, what is the meaning of giving a red card?During the prize giving ceremony, Lin Dan was clearly in a bad mood. He took the silver medal down after the prize giver put it around his neck. He even rejected an offer to wear a "Mulu Songkok" on his head by the prize giver. I could understand Lin Dan's feeling losing a game so close to victory. However I feel that he should not have acted such an unsportsmanship behavior.

Before this, I thought that superb "comeback" would only happen in the world of football. This is the first time I witness such a tremendous match in badminton. Saying of "comeback" everyone would immediately thought of Liverpool's Champions league final against AC Milan last season. Liverpool was 3-0 down and they score three goals in seven minutes in the second half and later won on penalties. This season English FA cup final also witnessed Liverpool equalizer during additional time 2-2 and later beating West Ham on penalties. On both occasion I thought that we are going to lose, however miracle happens. It's great when the team you support win the match in the dying minutes. However, if you are supporting the other side, you will be very very frustrated.

I remember in EURO 2004, where England met France. England was leading 1-0 and got a penalty. However Beckham missed that penalty and the scoreline remains the same. England looks good on beating France until almost the end of the game where Zidane scored a free kick and a penalty to record a classic win against England. I was supporting England and it was hard for me to accept the fact that England lost. I remember that the game ended on a Monday morning(5am). I woke(in fact I didn't sleep) up for my 8am class still wondering how Barthez had saved Beckham's penalty. One thing interesting is that on all 3 matches, there was a player in common that get involved - Steven Gerard. In the England match against France, he was the one who made a back pass which left Henry on a one on one against David James which later led to a penalty converted by Zidane. In the Champions League Final, the Liverpool skipper was the one who scored the first goal for Liverpool to fight back against AC Milan. In the FA Cup final, Gerrard scored from 30 yards in the injury time to make the scoreline 2-2 for Liverpool.

In the world cup 2006, there are also some dramatic equalizer(Tunisia ?Saudi Arabia 2-2) and some dramatic win(Germany - Poland 1-0, Sweden - Paraguay 1-0). In all those matches, the last goal is scored in the dying minutes (either in 90 minutes or in the injury time). The Australia - Japan match also ended in style when Australia scored 3 goals in the 84, 89 and 90 minute to record a win against Japan. But that's not all, let's pray that more drama and miracle will happen in the Germany world cup 2006.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Germany World Cup 2006 Group analysis

Group A : Germany, Costa Rica, Poland, Ecuador
Germany as the hosting nation is one of the favorites to win the tournament. Therefore, they should have no problem in topping group A. The second place would either be won by Poland or Ecuador. Poland however would have a brighter chance to qualify from the group as Ecuador could only produce results at home. They are quite weak away from home and I could not see their chances of beating Poland. They might struggle against Costa Rica as well.

Group B : England, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Sweden
Trinidad and Tobago is the weakest team in the group and would not pose any threat to the other teams. England and Sweden might be the one who qualify considering the team strength and depth. England has all the world class players in their squad with particularly Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and John Terry in their best form. Sweden is also another black horse who could produce something in the tournament. Their strike force looks convincing with the partnership of Ibrahamovic and Larsson. The match between England and Sweden is the top match of this group. Whichever side that wins could avoid Germany in the next round (assuming Germany finish top of Group A). There are lots of reasons that make this match most anticipated - England’s Manager is a Swedish, England has not beaten Sweden for years and whether Rooney would be available for this match.

Group C : Argentina, Ivory Coast, Serbia and Montenegro, Holland
Group C is the group of death in the tournament. Holland and Argentina are both unlucky to be drawn in this group. Argentina, particularly must be cursing their luck to be drawn in the group of death for two consecutive world cup. They were in Group F in World Cup 2002 together with England, Sweden and Nigeria and were sent home after the group stages. Ivory Coast is making their world cup debut and will definitely try to produce something to make their nation proud. Serbia and Montenegro has the best defence in the European World Cup Qualifying round and they have a dynamic team. Therefore it is quite hard to predict which two teams would make it to the next round, however I would go for Holland and Ivory Coast. If the world cup tradition continues, there would be a debut team which will make a successful campaign(like 1998 Croatia and 2002 Senegal). This year, Ivory Coast might be the team to be watched.

Group D : Mexico, Iran, Angola, Portugal
Portugal, as one of the favorites might have the upper hand to qualify from the group. However, Mexico and Angola would pose some problems to the European Runner up. Mexico has shown the world what they are capable of during the Confederations cup. Angola though making its world cup debut should not be underestimated as they have considerably talents in their squad. Iran is the weakest in Group D and would be more than happy if they could snatch a victory from three of their matches.

Group E : Italy, Ghana, USA, Czech
Italy is having a difficult time with the bribery happening in Serie A. Things couldn’t get worst when the media reported that there is a rift among the players in the Italian Camp to secure a starting line-up in the Italy squad. After failing to qualify for the world cup for some time, Czech is trying to give their last and probably best shot as most of their players are almost at the end of their careers. Ghana could make something out of this group provided they put up a classy performance. If nothing goes wrong, we would still watch players like totti and Nedved playing some tricks in the knock-out stage.

Group F : Brasil, Croatia, Australia, Japan
Brasil no doubt is the top favorite to win the tournament. To finish top of the group is definitely not a problem for Brasil. Croatia and Australia are both an average team. Croatia football squad had definitely dropped in standard since the retirement of most of their key players after 1998 world cup. Australia has some good players like Harry Kewell, Viduka and Cahill. However football is a team game and they would definitely struggle in the group. Japan is one of the best team in Asia but yet to produce results in the world cup. This time round, it might be their turn, after South Korea makes it to the semis in 2002.

Group G : France, Switzerland, South Korea, Togo
France is definitely lucky to be drawn into a relatively easy group. There wouldn’t be much problem for them to top the group. Whereas all other three team has an equal chance to qualify. However, if South Korea continues to play like the last world cup, there would be few teams that could stop them. I will put faith in South Korea to qualify together with France.

Group H : Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is the weakest team in the group, perhaps they are the weakest team in this tournament. I bet many could still remember the 2002 world cup where Germany Hammered Saudi Arabia 8-0. Four years passed and I do not see any obvious improvement in this Middle-East squad. Spain could qualify easily if their key players like Xabi Alonso, Puyol, Vincente and Reyes produce what they have achieved at club level. Ukraine’s world cup campaign looks promising by snatching a draw against Italy in the friendlies without their most influential player – Andriy Shevchenko. I believe Ukraine and Spain will both make it to the next round.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Great weekend

It's a weekend full of happenings. I woke up at 10am. It's quite a bad timing as I have an appointment at 11.10am. I am going over to Sunway University College to have a briefing about The Apprentice Challenge. I quickly wash up and get into my car.

I got stucked in the traffic when I was in Sungai Besi. Initially i thought that the traffic was due to the king's birthday(KL people got so patriotic one meh? all come out celebrate??). I found out later that the culprit was actually a car that broke down beside the highway. I phoned the person in charge and told her that I might be late. When I reach LDP from the PJ direction, I kept to the right(as usual). There was once a place at the divider for cars to make a U-turn to Sunway. However it was closed down. I'm not sure when it was closed down as it was a long long time since i last came to Sunway. Dammit! I have to pass the Sunway toll twice! There goes my 2 innocent dollars.

I get my car parked in the carpark in Sunway University College. They have an auto pay system and are charging 2 dollars per entry. A relatively cheap rate considering the location (Sunway Pyramid is nearby - charging RM3 for the first 4 hours) and it was a pulic holiday. Unlike the University in Sungai Long which charges RM1 "manually" (without any auto pay system). And there are plenty of free parking spaces around the commercial area. I still can't understand how did they justify the decision to collect parking fees. Worst still, the car park doesn't look like any usual car park with a row of food stall, some fruit stalls and a car wash area. It's some sort like a "rojak" car park.

I was almost 15 minutes late when I went into the room. There are two persons, Winny and Michael waiting to brief me about this contest. They are both from EVO pictures - a local film production company. I guess i will need to work closely with them for the next few months. Our first task is to promote a local horror movie - Nepheshseed. The movie is in both Mandarin and Cantonese. The chinese name of this movie is "Jing Ling" and Amber Chia is one of the celebrity starring in it. The team which suceed to create the most public awareness would win. As Jia Hao is still in the military camp in Jalan Ampang, I'm the only one attending this briefing. Michael told me that I could still add members to my team as long I haven't handed in the proposal. There are actually no hard and fast rule in this contest and it's all up to our creativity to promote the movie.

The briefing doesn't took me a long time - about half and hour. I went to Sunway Pyramid after I left Sunway University College. There are extension works in progress and lotsa security guards are assigned to direct the traffic. I had to drove my car up to the 9th floor(highest level) to get a parking space. I've no idea how many metres above sea level is at the 9th floor but I'm sure that it's the highest ever place my car had been! Another thing that kept disturbing me is the Touch and Go System. They are charging 10% on top of the parking fees in Sunway Pyramid. That means I have to pay RM3.30 and it doesn't make sense to me. As a Touch and Go user, I've paid the money in advance. If I lost my Touch and Go card, I could not recover anything and the company(Rangkaian Segar) would have earned an "extraordinary income"! Even if i used up all the balance in my touch and go card, the company still received the monies in advance and in Finance we learnt that a penny today is worth more than a penny tomorrow(time value of money).Therefore, no matter what, the company is still at an advantage.

I went over to my friend's house in ss2 after that. We're attending a birthday party of an old friend in Bangsar later in the evening. I got my hair cut before I went over to the birthday party. It was great to have met all my old friends. I know most of them since primary and it was a great night. At least it was, until one of my friends get drunk. It was a girl. She kept insisting that she was not drunk and she some sort like transformed into another person and kept talking nonsense. I was shocked as this is the first time I saw such a thing happened in front of my eyes(most of my friends are great drinkers). Before that, we were planning to have a second round until she ruined the whole plan.

Though not all of our friends turn up, we still enjoyed ourselves. It's really good to keep in touch with primary classmates as primary school life marks the sweetest memories in our life. Childhood mar~ no stress, no tension, everyday go school play, play and play...When we recalled back incidents that happened all these years, we couldn't stop laughing. My friend even took out some of our photos taken during our primary schooldays. And that was when everyone went crazy.

"Huh~ why last time i look like this one meh??"
"This is XXX meh?? Why now so pretty liao geh??"
"Who is this guy wor??Got such person in our class one meh??"

We left at around 2am. When we were on our way back, there was a gang of Indians "gathering" beside the road(Jalan Maroof) and police are there. There's also a car which its windscreen was smashed. I didn't stop down but drove away as I do not want to get involved in such incidents.

I reached home at 3am and immediately fall asleep as soon as my head get to the pillow.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

magic, magic, magic....

I just posted Amei's review in CMB, I know it comes a bit late and this could no longer be considered as a new album. In fact it is quite old as nowadays new albums are flooding the market very fast. For example, Rainie came out with two albums in a very short time(something like 2 months if i'm not mistaken).

I should have posted this review during my holidays. However i am a slacker so this have caused the delay. I think i should learn how to manage my time better. It's quite weird that i do not post any review during my long holiday and i manage to post a review now, though i am in the middle of assignments and tutorials. So far, everytime when i posted a review in CMB, i will meet jessy in msn. She is the one who helped me get the review posted. Therefore i have an instinct that she would get online when i post this review. However she's not on msn - I have to do everything myself.

Just when I get everything almost done, I wanted to add an html tag to put the album's picture at the centre. I just couldn't remember the html tag. Just when i tried to edit the post, something magical happened - someone added the html tag for me! I guess that would be either Steve or Jessy who had done that. Whoever that have helped me, thanks a lot.

ok, need to stop here, still have lotsa thigs to be done. Hopefully i won't be late for tomorrow class ;(