Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Came across Liu Yi Fei's Official Website a few days ago. Perhaps not many have heard about Liu Yi Fei in Malaysia. Anyhow, she is starring as "xiao long nv" in "shen diao xia lv" (condor hero) which is currently on 8tv every weekdays 8.30 pm

Yi Fei is actually a very popular artist in China. She started her career at the age of 15 acting as "Yu Yan" in "Tian Long Ba Bu". She became famous when she acted as "Zhao Ling Er" in "Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan"(for me, it's also her best series so far). Anyway, I get to know from her site that she's coming out with a chinese album soon. I've listen to the first hit-"wo yao wo de zi wei" (I want my taste). It's quite a lively and cute song. I think her company is trying to position her as a "cutie"!

She will leave some messages on her website from time to time. All you need to do is to register yourself as a member(to read her messages). In fact, her site is more or less like a forum. She's an artist of great potential. She's very young (20 years old) and she could sing and act. Perhaps, she could be the next Zhang ZiYi and will bring the Chinese Movie/Music Industry to a new milestone! I'm very sure that we could listen to her sweet voice very very soon as her debut album in coming out somewhere in June or July.

For more information on her, try goggle "liu yi fei" and you will be surprised with the results. You could easily get thousands of english forums and websites about her! Here's some photo of her to give you a rough idea of how she looks like.

Here's her profile I found from this site

Liu Yi Fei
ProfileName: Crystal Liu Yi Fei 刘亦菲
Birthname: Liu Qian Mei Zhi 刘茜美子
Nickname: Qian Qian 茜茜
Birthdate: August 25, 1987
Birth place: Beijing, China
Height: 169 cm
Blood Type: B
Education: Performance Institure of Beijing Film Academy
Profession: Actress
Favorite sport: Golf and tennis
Favorite actress: Audrey Hepburn and Vivian Leigh


Sunday, May 28, 2006

X-men III : The last stand (finish the whole movie)

For those who are going to watch X-men III, remember to finish the whole movie before coming out from the cinema. Wait until all the wordings/credits(starred by..directed by...) finish before you leave. You will need to wait for about 5 minutes but it is worth the wait as you will get a surprise at the end of the movie! Trust me!

Overall this is a decent movie. For those who like action and science fiction movie, this is definitely a movie not to be missed. The shootings are great and the special effects looked as if they were real. The characters in the movie is a surprise as the director made some changes to the usual X-men we know. Wolverine doesn't feature in the yellow costume and Storm gets a brand new hairstyle. The movie started off excitingly, developed greatly but ended in a sloppy way. It is quite disappointing that Magneto is defeated in a rather easy way.

To date, Memoirs of a Geisha is still the best movie I have watched during the year. V for Vendetta would be in the second place and I would rate The Da vinci code at the third placing. The Da Vinci Code is quite a good movie, however I feel that this is not the best version Hollywood could produce. The fact that this movie sells doesn't mean that the director(Ron Howard) had done an excellent job. Credits should go to the author(Dan Brown) for writing such a heart stopping novel. Besides that, Tom Hanks looks a little plump for proffesor Langdon. The most succesful character would be Ian McKellen who acts as Sir Leigh Teabing. Oh yeah~, Ian McKellen also play the role of Magneto in X-men III.

There are quite a number of big motion yet to hit the cinemas soon. I've watched the Superman Returns trailor. The scene is definitely a surprise as Superman no longer deals with those small thief/robber but deals with terrorist(I hope I'm right cos I saw Superman rescuing an airplane). Another movie that I anticipated most is The hollywood version of Internal Affairs. I've watched the Hong Kong version for not less than 5 times and I got hooked to it. I believe, the Hollywood version would also be a great one! Let's see what Hollywood can do to a classic Hong Kong film!


Saturday, May 20, 2006

World cup - I'm coming!!!

At last i got a TV set in my condo. I've been trying to set up the TV for a few days to get a clear picture. However, the reception in Sungai Long is very very bad. I added an internal antenna to my TV yesterday night and the result was obvious. It became very clear(not to say crystal clear). Before that, I could only watched TV3. NTV7 and 8TV is very very blurred. My bro said that the TV could only function as a "radio"(as we could only get a clear sound and a blur image).

Right now, everything is allright. I've everything get set for the world cup. I'm considering to get an Altec Lensing 2.1 speaker(I can't afford a home theather) to experience the live atmosphere at home since I can't make it to Germany(of course I can't make it!). Unless, i win a free trip and the finals ticket through some contest! If that really happens, it will be Easter, Christmas, New Year and Birthday all in one for me!

There's no more soccer match for the following two weeks. Life will get dull and bored. Anyhow, there's a Malaysia FA cup final tonight and My team will take on Malaysia National team next sunday. I bet few would be interested in both matches. The first world cup match is on a Saturday Morning 12am 10 June. It's perfect for me as i could straight away switch to the world cup after watching Survivor : exile island on friday night.

Oh yea, my new semester timetable had been released. Pity me! I've got 3 days 8am class, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Things get worst when the world cup final is on a Monday, 10th of July 2am! For sure i'll skip the Monday lecture(e-commerce). I wonder whether Mr. Hen would read this. ;p Anyway, i'll replace the class if possible.

Did anyone asked about the poster on the wall? Ha! Thats the world cup 2006 match fixture!


Friday, May 05, 2006

China leading Indonesia 2-0

Got the latest results from Thomas cup 2006 website, china is leading Indonesia 2-0 and Bao Chun Lai is leading Simon in the second singles as well. They are on a deuce in second set where Chun Lai won the first set. China is definitely(99.99%) in the finals because even Bao Chun Lai slipped up, Indonesia could never match China in the third single.

Lin Dan Beat Taufik 21 - 16, 21 - 8
Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng beat Hadiyanto Luluk Alven Yulianto 24 - 22, 21 - 17
BAO Chunlai - Soni Dwi Kuncoro 21 - 17, 22 - 22 (playing)
Xie Zhongbo and Zheng Bo - Kidho Markis and Setiawan Hendra
Chen Jin - Simon Santoso

It's official, China had beaten Indonesia 3-0 with Bao Chun Lai winning the second set 24-22. it will be Malaysian team in action later!


Thomas Cup 2006 Semi Final Match Analysis

Malaysia will face Denmark in the Thomas Cup Semi final at 4pm Malaysian Time. The Danes are on a slight advantage to winning this tie as they have two strong doubles and a reliable single player(Peter Gade). Malaysia would try to steal a point from their double players and get at least two points from their singles in order to get through the finals.

Probable line up

First single : Peter Gade
First double : Jens Eriksen and Martin Lundgaard
Second single : Kenneth Jonassen
Second double : Jonas Rasmussen and Lars Paaske
Third single : Joachim Persson

First single : Lee Chong Wei
First double : Chan Chong Ming and Koo Kien Keat
Second single : Mohd Hafiz Hashim
Second double : Chong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah
Third single : Kuan Beng Hong

The first single undoubtedly would be a tight affair with both players on top form. Peter Gade had recently beaten world number one Lin Dan in the new format system. Lee Chong Wei is seen as one of the players that could adapt quite well to the new game format system. Chong Wei won both of their previous meetings in the old game format. Chong Wei has the speed, skill and could fake his movement to deceive opponents. Peter Gade has the advantage over experience. The former world number one had been in the Denmark Thomas Cup team since 1998. Overall this would be a 50:50 match and it could be anyone's game.

Denmark's definitely has the strongest doubles in the tournament. With two-time All England Champion Jens Erikson and Martin Lundgaard on the first double, this point is almost in their hands. The Malaysian first double definitely had not been in their best form in this tournament. The young Kien Keat has been very emotional on the court and had directly affect his performance. This could be seen when they went down tamely to the Koreans in the quarter finals. The Malaysian need to reduce their unforced error if they want to give the Danes a good fight.

Yap Kim Hock initial plan to field Wong Choong Hann was ruined when the Malaysian skipper injured in the quarter finals. Hafiz would not be seen as reliable as Choong Hann to snatch this point. He is rather inconsistent. However, from his performance from previous round, we can have faith in Hafiz to beat Jonassen. This is a must-win match for Malaysia, if Hafiz lose this match the Danes would be on their way to the finals. Optimistic speaking, Hafiz would have a 70% chances of beating Jonassen.

The second double is also an evenly matched game. Former world champion Jonas Rasmussen and Lars Paaske would be a tough nut for Tan Fook-Wan Wah to crack. The Malaysian have a bitter memory with the danes in the All England Finals where they lost to Jens Eriksson and Martin Lundgaard after leading all the way to the second match. Right now they are meeting another world champion. Both pairs are very experienced and could handle any unexpected situation. Malaysian's fate would lie in Chong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah as this is the most crucial match that could determine the fate of both team. Denmark might be leading 2-1 before this two pairs go down to court. If the Malaysian manage to levelled the points, they have the better chance to qualify for the finals.

If the match go into the third singles, Malaysian would be favorites to go through. Though Hafiz might be a better choice to field in the third single, Malaysia is left with no choice with Choong Hann down to injury. However, Kuan Beng Hong still have the advanage over the young dane which has seldom participated in international tournaments.

Final Prediction
Malaysia beat Denmark 3-2


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Narrow escape for Malaysia

Malaysia recorded a narrow win in the Thomas cup quarter final. Malaysia, seeded second in the tournament snatch the first point through World number two Lee Chong Wei. Chong Wei proved too tough for Lee Hyun Yil and the Korean went down in straight sets. Chong Wei had a very good record in the new 21 point game format and is seen as Malaysia's most reliable player in the tournament.

The first double from Malaysia, Koo Kien Keat and Chan Choong Meng however is shocked by the Koreans. The 21 year-old Kien Keat is particularly too confident in the court and led to disaster. Malaysia is expected to grab this point, however they slipped up. They conceeded a lot of unforced error that gave the Korean a comfortable lead in both sets. Though the Malaysian fightback from 16-20 in the second set to force a deuce, they still lost the game. The Malaysians should guard against complacency in future games should they are determined to win the tournament.

The match went in favoured to the Koreans when Malaysian second single Wong Choong Hann go down due to an injury. The Korean had a walkover just after 10 minutes the game had started. Choong Hann injury is a big blow to Malaysia as they only brought four single players to Tokyo. If Choong Hann couldn't recover in time, the inexperience Kuan Beng Hong will be given the responsibility to deliver the vital point in the third singles.

The Korean was leading 2-1 before the second doubles went down to court. Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah levelled the points when they beat the Korean second double in straight sets. Experience proved to be valuable on the court. The Koreans were rarely given an opportunity to fighback throughout the whole game.

In the final determining match, Hafiz Hashim is too strong for the young Korean. The Korean failed to return most of the powerful smashes from Hafiz and couldn't follow Hafiz's tempo. The game ended in style as Hafiz cruised to a straight set win and put Malaysia in the Semi-final.

Though many had predicted Malaysia to win, few would predict that it go into the last game(third single). Malaysia will face Denmark in the Semis. While China will play Indonesia in the other half. With Choong Hann down to injury, the odds are definitely against Malaysia. Let's keep our fingers crossed that some miracle happen!

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Lanslide in Sungai Long!!

Got a shocked when i read today's papers. I saw Sungai Long's picture on the front page! According to the report, there's a lanslide in Sungai Long and it is very serious. Yet nothing had been done by the Kajang Town Council.

Initially, I thought the lanslide is somewhere near Garden Park condo cos before I came back, the area had just been cleared(after a landslide). I would not be surprised if another landslide took place there. I'm now in Teluk Intan and I do not have the Klang Valley local new's edition. I checked the news online just now and realised that the landslide is somewhere near Evergreen condo(cos it said that it's near the septic tank).

Back to last year, the wet market issue had made Sungai Long "famous"(notorious might be a better word). Before that, not much people heard about Sungai Long in Klang Valley. Coincidental, both issue(wet market and landslide) happened near the septic tank! Perhaps, the septic tank could one day be Sungai Long's famous landmark! LOL!

From the picture, I would say that it is quite terrible. The report mentioned that, the landslide might affect the condo structure and it would get worse if no rescue work is done soon. The town council claimed that this landslide involved SYABAS and INDAH WATER and they are also waiting for the fund from the state government(town council got so poor meh??) therefore nothing could be done right now.(Perhaps it's time for us to elect our own local government)

Oklar, nevermind, let the town council wait.....wait until UTAR collapse and the whole Sungai Long sink only start the rescue work!

p/s : Malaysia is facing South Korea in the Thomas Cup quater finals later at 4pm , good luck to our boys!


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Maxis service interruption

Yesterday morning, i was waken up by my brother. He was so excited and told me that maxis is giving out unlimited sms(maxis to maxis) for one day to prepaid customers by charging them only RM1. Since then i have been receiving lotsa lotsa sms-es from my friend about this promotion.

It was quite disturbing especially when you are a postpaid customer and you see others just simply sms as if it was free! Anyway, I'm still addicted to EMO right now and i sms lesser compared to the "olden" days.

Yesterday, at around 7pm my brother told me that he couldn't send any sms. A failure message popped back. Initially i thought he was joking. It was until I kept disconnecting from EMO only i realised that something's went wrong with maxis service.

A friend in EMO told me that sms get 'stuck' easily. Especially during peak season(like new year) where everyone SMS. Text get lost or not delivered when it said it's delivered. She added that if the weather is bad and it affects the telco 'poles' then all services would be affected.

I guess the promotion maxis had yesterday is the main cause of this problem. I tried to phone maxis customer line to enquire about the situation but all lines are occupied(I'm pissed off). It seems that maxis is having a very serious problem. It was until 11pm that i reached their customer service line. The operator kept apologized for the service interruption (I swear, i din sound "fierce"). He said that all services(including sms, gprs and phone calls) in part of Penang and Southern Perak is affected due to the bad weather and the maxis IT Team is working on it.

Maxis stil have a lot to do to improve their telecommunication service. Their 3G coverage is very very limited. Not to mention the unstable GPRS. Phone lines also get interrupted when you hang on the line for some time. However, I have to admit that their customer service is still the best.

I've been hesitating to change over other telco for the past few months. ;p Right now, i think i'm staying with maxis until i discover a better plan.