Monday, January 16, 2006

My weekend

I've a fantastic weekend. I woke up quite late during saturday. Can't recall the exact time. I just remembered that i slept quite late friday night. Then I have replacement class for last Tuesday public holiday. At first, I planned to go to Mayday's concert with my friend after class. But a heavy rain poured made me change my mind. (i haven't bought any ticket at that time, just planned to go there to try get some cheap ticket last minute!)

I received another called from my friend. He wants to meet me up in One Utama. So I drove to PJ. Traffic was quite smooth though it's raining. When I reached One U, I was damn lucky to get an empty parking space easily. I used to go round and round failing to get a parking space when I go there in the past! When I walked into the shopping mall, I called my brother and tell him I'll go find him later at night. When i was talking to my brother(on the phone), I saw a fammiliar figure walked past me. It was Paul Most(hope i got his name correct). I was excited. I immediately hang up the phone. I approached him and took a photo with him. He was quite friendly and doesn't look like the usual impression I got from TV! I still remembered the last critics he made during Malaysian Idol 2. It was about the camera man. He was angry cos the camera man made a long shot at Daniel when they was supposed to shoot Daniel at a short distant to creat an intimate feeling. Anyway, Daniel won despite a long shot by the camera man!

When I reached ground floor, there was some events going on. It's 8TV's "birthday's party". No wonder Paul Most was there!

Before I left for Setapak, I called up my friend and asked him to call me when Mayday sings the song "Yong Bao"(embrace). Yeah~that's my favorite song! When i reached setapak, it's 9.30pm. MU was 2 goals behind MC. A good result for me as a 100% Liverpool supporter. My hapiness doubled when Liverpool defeated Totenham by a goal. This means that Liverpool is only a point behind MU despite playing 2 game less. Should Liverpool win MU this Saturday, We will be at the second spot!

I stayed overnight at my brother's place. The next day I went KLCC. My brother is having exam this Wednesday so he stayed at home and do some last minute preparation. I went into "My" when i first arrived in KLCC. I accidentally found out that a magazine is giving out "Memoirs of geisha" premier ticket. I asked the cashier is there any ticket left. He told me I was lucky. There is a last set of ticket left. He also said that there was a customer who tried to claim those ticket just now. However the customer lost the receipt so he didn't give the customer the tickets. It seems to be my day! Everything turns out to favour me! I used to be the one who lost the receipt, but now I'm the one who succeeded to redeem the tickets!

I went home in the evening. Reached Sungai Long at around 9 something. When I reached home, I checked the mail box. There's a letter for me! It's from Sinchew! I immediately sensed some smell of cash! I knew that it's because of the article that is published in Sinchew a few months ago. My friend told me that I'll easily get a hundred dollars for that article. However when i opened the envelope I was a little shock! It was only RM25.60 Not even enough for me to buy a month of newspaper. Anyway, I'm not for the money when i wrote that article. I was fortunate enough to get my article published. Here's something interesting to take note of.

Date my article was published - 11 October 2005
Date this article voucher was issued - 17 December 2005
Date I received this voucher - 15 January 2006
(an "efficient" job from Sinchew right?)

Right now, I'll need to prepare for the presentation for Performance Mangament. I haven't done the powerpoint slides. I should be preparing it during the weekends but I ended up hanging out. Will rush to KLCC for "Memoirs Of Geisha" after my presentation! My last classs today is 6.30 to 8pm, movie starts at 9pm. Hope that traffic is smooth. I'll proably leave the class earlier, see how thing goes later!


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Not a good start for a brand new year!

12 days ago, everyone was looking forward to the year 2006 as 2005 turn out to be a disaster. Lots of bad things happened. However having gone through 11 days in 2006, I do not see any improvement from last year. Flipping through the papers, we can see bad news one after another. Just to mention a few, Proton sold MV Augusta at 1 euro dollar, MAS is forced to sell off its headquarters due to the massive loss inccurred during the past few periods, China Press editor is being sacked(which continues the nude squat "drama" in 2005), Moorthy's wife left with no remedy under the controversial article 121 1(A), and the latest Pak Lah announced that he do not have any ilham to reshuffle the jumbo-sized cabinet(in actual fact he should have reshuffled the cabinet long long time ago by taking off those minister who are not performing!). Reading all these news make people furious! Even greeting "Happy New Year" will not reduce the anger.

Would the remaining of year 2006 turn out to be the same? "Hopefully" something good will happen sooner or later. Okie, just put aside these national issues. My life in 2006 didn't started good as well.(Perhaps I was affected by all the news I read in the papers) I still couldn't adapt to my new timetable. My life now is half hanging. I do not wake up early in the morning, neither do I wake up late in the afternoon. I wake up somewhere in between. Thats why I didn't blog for quite some time. I used to wake up early and blog in the library during last sem. Life in utar is changing from bad to worst. The whole campus is really packed with all students. Wherever you go, you will see a crowd of students. When there's a break in between class, there will be "traffic" jammed at the staircase. It's also hard to find parking space even late in the evening!

Hopefully(haha...hopefully again!), I'll get myself used to this situation. Need to addapt to this new(and crazy) timetable ASAP since all the presentations and Mid-terms are coming very soon.

p/s : I went sungai wang yesterday, there are lots of chinese new year decorations up there. Yeah~CNY is around the corner! I'm definitely looking forward to the Chinese New Year since the "Western" New Year didn't turn out as what I expected!


Friday, January 06, 2006

Parliamentary Roundtable on article 121 (1A)

I went to parliament yesterday to attend a parliamentary rountable on article 121 (1A). Let me give a brief description on the controversy arise from this article 121 (1A) which was ammended in 1988 suggested by Mahathir. It is a very simple ammendment which denies the civil court to override the syariah court decision. The main aim to ammend the article in 1988 according to Mahathir is to prevent thoes Muslim who failed in Syariah court to appeal in Civil court.

However, the late Moorthy(Everest Hero) case shows that this ammendment does not only affects muslim but also non-muslim. The civil court decided not to exercise its jurisdictionary based on article 121 (1A). Murti's wife was left with no remedy after failing in the syariah court. She is not a Muslim hence she could not appeal in a Syariah court. The ammendment in 1988 has far reaching implications and made a misperceptionl that syariah law is the ultimate law in this land.

Since I do not have any classes in the morning, I decided to go to the parliament. I phoned Mr. Lau Weng San and confirmed with him that I as an undergraduate could attend the parliamentary roundtable. Jia Hao went together with me. He even skip one tutorial class in the morning. We woke up late, around 9.30am. We are supposed to arrive there by 10.30am. Luckily there was not much car on the road and we managed to arrive there on time.

When we reach the guard house, there were 3 soldiers waiting for us. One of them is holding a gun(it looks like a machine gun) After we identify ourselves, they let us in. When I first stepped into the parliament, my first impression is it is really grand and classy. The papers always describe our parliament as a 5 star hotel. I would say it's like a 10 star hotel(if there is one!) It's hard to describe with my limited adjectives. These pictures will tell you a thousand words.

If I'm not mistaken the renovation took about 1.5 billion. does the money really worth it when parliamentary sittings are not always held throughout the year? Right now the dewan negara had adjourned and the next sitting will be in March. We managed to find our way into the conference room. All the panels are there. We get a sit somewhere around Teresa Kok(MP Seputeh) and Fong Kui Lun(MP Bukit Bintang)

After the roundtable ended, Jia Hao went up to Guan Eng and introduce himself. Guan Eng shook hand with him. Then Jia Hao asked "You know who am I or not? I am Jia Hao arr...."
Guan Eng was very surprised and replied, no wonder you looked so familiar!(Jia Hao's mum and Guan Eng are cousins!) It is quite funny to see the way Guan Eng reacted.

After that TV3 came and interviewed uncle kit. At the same time Guan Eng has a press conference outside the conferencce room. After TV3 interviewd uncle kit, he was standing there freely. I went up and introduced myself. He replied " are Chong Zhemin arr....good..." We exchange a few words after that. He told me that there is a conflict between chinese and indians in Penang Xin Zhong primary school.

I took a photo in parliament before leaving. It is indeed a very good experience for me to attend this roundtable meeting. I learnt quite a lot of things especially matters pertaining to law. However the existence of article 121 (1A) made me wonder why does such an ambiguos and unfair law exist in our country? If you are interested in article 121 (1A) just check out these sites in kit's blog.You might get more insights from there. Click here, here, here and here.


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My latest timetable

This is my timetable for this semester

Mon 2-5pm Taxation(L)
6.30-8pm Performance Management(T)

Tue 2-4.30pm Bussiness Finance(L)

Wed 11-12.30pm Taxation(T)

Thu 2-3.30pm Business Finance(T)
5-8pm Audit Practice(L)

Fri 2-3.30pm Audit Practice(T)
5-8pm Performance Management(L)

What does this timetable shows? The earliest class is at 11am and we have 3 days of night classes until 8pm. This is the first ever time I have a class until 8pm in UTAR. Most of my classes start at 8am during my previous semester. This means that UTAR is over crowded by the admissions of new students. Those who graduated are less than those who just enrolled. We have to make way for our juniors to use the lecture hall during morning! The current building is real packed with more than 5000 students. Sometimes I wonder, will each and everyone of us manage to get out of the building during emergency! A stampede will occur and it will turn out a tragic then...

Anyway, I have to say that i love this taimetable. I have been waiting for this type of timetable for years! Though I have turn my life back to normal(wake up at 7am and sleep at 11pm) this timetable is good for me to practise some abnormal life(sleep at 7am and wake up at 4pm) before world cup.LOL!


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 - Happy New Year!

Wow, It's 2006! Still couldn't accept the fact that I'm one year older! Haih~

I went Bukit Bintang to countdown at new year eve. I thought the traffic will be very busy therefore I took public transport there. In the end I was squeezing like "sardin" in lrt. To my surprise, there are less cars on the road than usual. Perhaps I can consider driving to city centre next year! There are more than 10 thousand people there in front of Sungai Wang, the situation there is out of control. Police kept confiscating the "new year spray". However lots of them successfully sneak pass the police. Pity me, I was sprayed though I do not have any "weapon" in my hand! I didn't manage to see the performance of the artists since I was standing far behind. I'll upload some of the photos later!

I have been waiting for 2006 to arrive since I graduated from my secondary school. 2006 means world cup to me! It will also be my final year in University. It seems that I'll be graduating soon. I'll need to get a TV very soon so that I'll not miss any of the matches. During world cup 2002 I'm having SPM(final year in secondary school), right now 2006, final year in my tertiary education! What a coincidence!

My resolutions for 2006 is the same as 2005! Haha, seems that I dun have any progress throughout the whole year. Let us see next year this time whether my resolutions will still be the same! Lastly, Happy new year to everyone! Hows your new year celebration?