Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Town council or Developer?

Miss Sum from DSA called me regarding my recommendations to address the students safety in Sungai Long. She said that DSA had been pastering the town council regarding the street lights(jalan persiaran sungai long) since long time ago.

According to the town council, the street lights are still under the developer(Sin Heap Lee) responsiblity. However, when DSA write to the developer, they said that they have surrender the condominiums to the residents and the town council should fix the street lights. Dammit!

Who should fix the street lights? Students can't be walking in the dark for long. Definitely someone will get robbed or raped again! Miss Sum also mention, "We can't be like the opposition doing nothing except scolding!"

Now that DSA have did everything they could but still the issue could not be resolved. The main problem now is not because of street lights. It's the local government. If we could get to elect our local government, definitely they will have to repair all the street lights(or we wont give them our votes!) It's simple as that. The people should be the masters, the local government should serve us, not the other way round!

I would say something very wrong is happening in our public delivery system. The people must stand up and speak out loud. I love this quote from "V for Vendetta"

People should not be afraid of government.
The government should be afraid of the people.

If they system in our society is wrong, we must have the courage to vote for change. why do we need to write letter to the town council pastering them to repairing the street lights. While in the other hand, during the by-election in Ijok and Machap. You have all kinds of development coming in including children playground, all street lights being fixed and new road tar.Some RM36 million and RM30 million respectively are poured into the constituency for development(to "buy" votes). How could this be happening? The government is only concerned about the people during election. You don't even need a thousand dollars for reparing the street lights in sungai long. Yet, nobody bothers!

Do we need to wait for a by-election in Sungai Long to get the street lights repaired?

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