Saturday, September 30, 2006

Racial conflict in Sungai Long??

Got a phone call from my dad just now. He was very worried over the phone. He said that he get to know in NTV7 news that there's a chinese being beaten to death by a group of Malays in Sungai Long. He asked me to stay at home and not to go out if it's uneccesary.

I was very blur~when i heard this. I was staying at home for the whole day editing uncle kit's speech. Now that I'm done with part 2 of the speech. So i go online and check some news about the murder in Sungai Long.

I got this in China Press. There are actually 2 incidents. The first incident happened on Thursday afternoon 4pm. A group of Malays throw a firecraker to a group of Chinese. Some conflict happened and they have a small fight. The group of Malays then ran away on their motorcycles.

The second incident happened the nect day. The group of Malays then brought a bigger group of around 20 to seek revenge on Friday. They kill a Chinese Guy.

Police had denied that there is racial conflict element in this murder. My question is, why the suspect is allowed to bailed out? I'm not a lawyer and my law knowlege isn't that wide but i know that if it's a murder case, the suspect will not be allowed to bail out. The case had taken place for more than 24 hours and no one is under arrest at this moment. There are witnesses in this case and there are more than 20 suspects involved. What is happening? Is it that our police is so inefficient? Are they "protecting" the offenders? Rumours are spreading all around now. Hopefully police can act fast and resolve everything as soon as possible.


Lim Kit Siang's speech on Chinese Education in crisis - part 1

I just finish editing uncle kit's speech during the "Chinese Education in Crisis" forum. Took me quite some time as i need to convert the file to .avi format and add the subtitles. I apologize in advance if there is any poor translation. I will continue editing the videos, hopefully you can get to see part 2 and part 3 soon.


BN Policy to Discriminate SJKC & SJKT?

Dato' Noh Omar (Deputy Education Minister), told Parliament that there will be NO new SJKC & SJKT under 9th Malaysia Plan. Is that Government Policy? When M. Kula (DAP - Ipoh Barat) raised this matter in Parliamnet sitting on 20 September 2006.
副教育部长诺奥玛: 在第九大马计划下确实没有任何新学校。


Friday, September 29, 2006

"Hishamuddin Vs Ong Tee Keat: Chinese Education in Crisis"

I read in Wednesday Sin Chew Jit Poh that there will be a DAP forum – “Chinese Education in crisis” held. The moment I read about this news, I decided to attend. The funny thing about this report in the papers is that no information about this forum is given. There’s a photo of Lim Guan Eng(DAP Secretary General), Teresa Kok(Seputeh MP) and Tan Kok Wai(Cheras MP) in a press conference and a brief description on the photo - Lim Guan Eng call on the public to attend this forum. But how to attend? Where is this forum held? When is this forum? No details is given.

I knew that this is something to do about press freedom; somebody is trying to stop the news from spreading. So I went online and check how to attend this forum. I got the information from DAP’s website. The forum will be on a Thursday evening 28 September 2006 7.30pm in the KL and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. I haven’t been to this place and I do not know the way there, luckily there’s a map to be downloaded from the site.

Just now, at around 6pm I phone the KL and Selangor Assembly Hall and asked them the exact location and whether parking space is available. The person over the phone told me that there will be parking space but I would have to arrive early as it might be full. She also told me that just after I passed by the Maharaja Monorail I have to take a left turn at the first junction. The junction is before the water fountain. After listening to her words, I have a 99% of confidence reaching there. Before that I just agak-agak knew the place from the map.

I started my journey together with my housemate from Sungai Long at about 6.30pm. Most of the people are coming back from work while I’m going to town so the traffic is quite smooth. I reached there at about 7pm. I guess that’s quite early as I got a parking space and a good seat inside the auditorium.

There’s a DAP Counter outside the auditorium, I fill up the survey form and bought 2 copies of “The Rocket”(newsletter by DAP), one English Version and another Chinese Version. I went into the auditorium and sit at the center of the first row(That’s the best seat – just in front of uncle kit). I was flipping through the pamphlets I got from the counter while thinking whether to subscribe to the English Version or the Chinese Version of “The Rocket” and finally I decided to subscribe to the Chinese Version for some reasons. First, I can read English articles from Kit’s Blog. Second, I had been subscribing to Aliran and my dad had been complaining that the English wordings are too small for him to read(He is long sighted). If I subscribe to the Chinese version, he too could get to read the “real” news.

So that’s it, I went out the hall and wanted to fill up the subscription form. I saw Uncle Kit out there. I was kinda excited and I introduce myself. I didn’t expect him to remember me as it had been a long long time since I left comments on his blog. To my surprise, he remember who am I and he introduce me to Guan Eng. He even told Guan Eng, this is Jia Hao’s coursemate. Super good memory by him, he even remembered that I’m Jia Hao’s coursemate. This is only the third time I met Uncle Kit in person and the second time I introduce myself. The first time I met him in Teluk Intan on a DAP function. The second time I met Uncle Kit is in Parliament together with Jia Hao regarding the Article 121 (1) (A) issue.

The forum started late at 8pm as one of the speakers came late. There are altogether 5 speakers :
Lim Guan Eng(DAP Secretary General)
Dato’ Bong Hon Liong(President of KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall)
Uncle Kit(nonit description lar~ so famous ady)
Mr. Chew She Yong(Vice President of the federation of Chinese Association Malaysia)
YB Chong Eng(MP for Bukit Mertajam)

Lim Guan Eng started his speech by giving everyone a big surprise! The two new Chinese Primary School announced by Hishammudin is actually a hoax. One of the school is actually an old school in Johor, just that they relocate the school. Another school in Putrajaya is actually “sekolah wawasan” not a Chinese Primary School. Listen carefully, this means that there is actually no new Chinese Primary School being built. It was a real shock to me as I thought that at last there’s some hope in the Chinese Education. Guan Eng tried to link up the Chinese Education to the NEP. He said that NEP is like sweet to Malays. Too much of it will bring diabetics. On the other hand, MCA’s policy on the Chinese Education is a beggar policy where we get only bread scrap. We must deny both of this “unhealthy” policy. According to “Dong Jiao Zhong” survey, we need at least 138 Chinese Primary Schools but now that only 2(actually only 1) primary schools are built and the Chinese Community is thankful to Hishammudin. Isn’t this funny? Guan Eng also mentioned that while the numbers of Chinese Primary School Students are increasing, the number of Chinese Primary Schools is decreasing.

YB Chong Eng was the second one to talk. She makes use of some newspaper cutting presented using Power point to back her speech. She said that the figure of schools built and relocated given by MCA leaders are contradicting. They gave one figure on this date and another figure on a later date. It’s very funny while looking at the newspaper cuttings. She showed us a newspaper cutting – the first one, Ong Ka Ting saying that a school will be relocated by end of this year(2003) the second newspaper cutting is on 2005, saying that the school is yet to be relocated. She also said that MCA leaders always exaggerate the numbers of schools relocated. For example they consider SJK(C) Damansara as one of the relocated school. What the hell, they close down a normal school and yet still dare to put this into the statistics with pride. Chong Eng said that MCA’s face is very thick. Very true indeed, they do not know how to spell the word “shame”.

Dato’ Bong Hon Liong is the next to deliver his speech followed by Mr. Chew She Yong. Both of them uses word very carefully as they dare not go head to head directly with MCA. I understand their stand as they will need to rely on the governing party on some issues. Mr. Chew puts it nicely “There are some words that we can’t say; as long as you understand what I mean that’s more than enough. We could only “touch and go”

Uncle Kit was the last one to speak. He started off by saying that reading the headline of newspaper today, everyone will have the feeling of relief(the dark clouds are cleared) as Hishammudin announced that two new schools are built. For the past whole week, everyone feel miserable as Nor Omar announced that no Chinese Primary School will be built in 9th MP. Someone even asked, who should we be thankful of? Hishammudin? Lee Kuan Yew? Or Nor Omar? Uncle Kit said maybe we should thanks M. Kula(MP for Ipoh Barat) for forcing Nor Omar to confess the government’s education policy in parliament. Uncle Kit read out the parliament records on Nor Omar’s reply to M. Kula that there will be no Chinese Primary School built under 9th MP.

Di dalam Rancangan Malaysia yang Ke-sembilan ini memang tidak ada. Kita dalam perancangan kita hanya memberikan peruntukan-peruntukan untuk sekolah SJKT dan juga SJKC tidak ada kita perancangan untuk membuat bangunan-bangunan baru.

Sebab itu kita kata dasar kita ialah untuk memperkasa sekolah kebangsaan. Kita mula memperkasakan sekolah kebangsaan kita tukar sebab kita perkenalkan mata pelajaran Tamil, mata pelajaran Cina di sekolah-sekolah kebangsaan ini

When Nor Omar made that reply, MCA’s MP, Gerakan’s MP and MIC’s MP dare not stand up and rebut his claim. Uncle kit also read out the letter from Department of Prime Minister to the newspaper editor to clampdown the media from playing up corruption and abuses of funds in school repair allocations. Uncle Kit showed some sense of humour when he gave some witty speeches. He said that Samy Vellu can’t go to all hundred over schools and climb up to the ceiling to check on the repair work. If he accidentally fall down then what is going to happen? There will be a by-election!

I’ve recorded uncle kit speech using my mobile phone. I will do some editing and post it on my blog soon. The whole clip is around half an hour but youtube would only allow video clips not more than 10 minutes. So I will cut out some interesting part of the speech to upload. There’s a Q&A session after forum. I stand up and gave my view but it was a poor one as I was not prepared. I confess that I have stage fright. Really need to overcome this problem as my oral presentation for my final year project is coming soon. I took a photo with uncle kit before leaving.

The forum ended at 11pm. When I reached home, it’s almost 12am. This forum definitely benefits me a lot, I am exposed to lots of first hand cum uncensored information which I would never get to read from the newspaper. I am already looking forward to attending more forums and parliamentary roundtable in the future.

p/s : here's the report on this forum in Merdeka Review


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Some updates from me

I had been playing Football Manager 2006 for the past few days. Totally do not have any time for other activities except sleep. It is now year 2015 in the game and the only “original” Liverpool players in my squad are Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso. I had won 10 consecutive Champions League for Liverpool and right now I’ve lost some motivation to continue the game. After all, most of the “real” players like Ronaldinho, Micheal Owen and Thiery Henry had retired. I’m now virtually playing with all those “fake” players which are created. I’m now looking forward to playing Football Manager 2007 which I believe will be out very soon.

Last week, I went back my hometown for a few days. I did a couple of things. I registered as a legal voter and cut my hair. Most of my friends are eligible to vote in the next General Election as they are born in the same year as I am - 1985. If you are reading this and haven’t registered as a voter, please do so by exercising your right as a citizen. Registration is carried out in all Post offices throughout the year. If I’m not mistaken, after you register, it will take 6 months for you to be listed in the voters list. If you do not wish to miss the next GE, you better act fast.

Talking about the next General Election, there are 3 dates that we should take note – Aug 2007, Apr 2008 and Mar 2009. Some parties are suggesting that Pak Lah might dissolve the parliament next year as it is Malaysia’s 50th National day. He would then take advantage of the voters’ patriotism to get another clean sweep in the GE. If Pak Lah were to dissolve the Parliament just after our 50th National day, this term would be the shortest ever ruling term by our government. April 2008 is another significant date as after this date, Anwar Ibrahim would be able to be active in politics. This means that he will take over the presidency of Keadilan and will be able to contest in the Parliamentary Seat which I believe will be Permatang Pauh. If Pak Lah would like to diminish the “Anwar factor” in the next GE, he will definitely dissolve the Parliament before this date. March 2009 is the latest date Pak Lah would be allowed to dissolve the parliament. He would not be allowed to dissolve parliament any later than this date as our last GE is in March 2004.

During the same morning where I went to the post office, I went to the Immigration department as my friend needed to update his passport. I saw this poster hanging on the wall.

You think they can achieve the target? No comment from me. Oh yes, before we went to the Immigration department, my friend did take a photo as he doesn’t have any of his latest photo. So we had our breakfast, took a photo in the photo studio, went to the post office - register as a voter and went to the Immigration department to update his passport. We did everything in just one morning. This is the wonder of living in a small place like Teluk Intan. Every place is just within reach in a few minutes. In Klang valley, it’s almost impossible to do so many things in just a morning. I remember two years ago when I went to Pusat Bandar Damansara to make a passport; it took me almost a day!

I get my hair cut another afternoon. I had been tiring of combing and gelling my hair so I decided to cut a baldhead. The last time I’ve been botak is when I was in form 4. My discipline teacher cut the hair for me as my hair is too long. He even collected 1 dollar from each of us(all the students that been caught keeping/dying long hair) after the hair cut. That’s the cheapest haircut I’ve ever paid for. After all it’s a very unprofessional haircut from my discipline teacher. This is how I look after the professional haircut from an Indian Barber last week.

I guess none of my groupmates will see me in such short hair as when school starts, my hair will grow long again.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Exam is over~

At last my exam is over. Didn't really perform well especially in my account paper. I have quite a number of heavy subjects this semester. My next semester could only get better as it is a short semester and i need to focus only on one subject(another subject is a LAN subject which will not affect my CGPA).

After my exam on Tuesday. I went to KLIA to bid farewell to my cousin who is leaving for UK. He is on a JPA scholarship. I was thinking that if I were to put in more effort during my form 5, I might be the one leaving for UK. Lol.

This is definitely not the first time I have been to KLIA but it is the first time I drive there at night.

Look at the numbers of JPA scholars who are leaving for UK. My cousin said that they board almost one third of the plane. They have a short briefing before leaving. The "person in charge" kept reminding them, "You orang pergi sana untuk belajar, bukan untuk main. Lepas belajar kena balik khidmat untuk negara......blah...blah...blah"

My cousin will come back earliest by next winter. So it will be at least a year before i could see him again. A few weeks ago, He told me to go over UK and look for a job after i graduate. Well, not really a bad option. Might consider it!