Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A call from UK

Received a call from my cousin yesterday night(Just an hour before Man utd played Totenham). His first question was, "When is your Cambridge Interview?" I told him that I haven't even sent in my reference letters and transcripts. He then asked, "Have you bought your clothes?" I said "yes, i bought a few." After a second thought i replied "You mean new year cloths or the winter clothings to UK?"

It was as if I'm definitely going to UK. Brother, so far I have only got one conditional offer from University of Bradford. I haven't sent in the other applications. My lecturers are not done with my reference letter(too many bad things to write about me?).

He told me that he's coming back this June and leaving for UK on the Sept 11th. He chose that date cos the ticket is cheaper. He also said that he's going to work part time in Old Trafford in March as a waiter. During their break(working break, not halftime), he could go and watch the match. When I heard this, i was so "jealous".

I should have applied to University of Liverpool. Then i could go to Anfield and get a part time job! *back to reality* I told him that if i secure a good job, i might stay back and defer my plans to study. Provided I'm satisfied with the pay, working conditions and employee welfare! lol. Am i too greedy?