Friday, August 03, 2007



I am writing this to express my greatest concern on the murder of a first year accounting student in Mahkota Cheras. I would like to point out the mishandling of DSA in this particular case.

As far as I am concerned, the faculty office has got a full record of the student’s contact(who to inform in an emergency case). However DSA failed to inform the victim’s family members in time – keeping them out of knowledge and doubtful that their daughter “might” be murdered and making them bear the agony and distress. It was the police, not DSA who first inform the family members about the murder.

I would also like to bring up some issues/suggestions concerning the student’s safety in Sungai Long.

  1. The road lamps in front of flat house(on the way to Evergreen) are not functioning.
    This is no longer a new issue. As you might already know, there are a couple of rob/snatch thief cases around that area. It is only a matter of time for another UTAR student to get into the headlines. It is very sarcastic that we have our "Sungai Long Pasar Malam" there and we only have bright lights once every week.
  2. The small lane/route from Evergreen to Cypress
    As I am concerned, there are a lot of students without transport staying in Evergreen. DSA should try to negotiate with the Cypress condominium committee to allow students to take the shorter route to campus passing through Cypress from Evergreen.
  3. To appoint someone/department addressing the students’ safety
    DSA can start a sub-department or appoint someone to fight crime - at least students know who to look for when they need help. This department can also help students to lodge police report and also to follow up the incident. Besides that, DSA can collect the details of crime faced by students(maybe it be petty crime such as stolen hand phone) and published a monthly statistics so that students will be more aware of the seriousness of the crime rate and beware of “hotspot” where crime happened most. In this way, UTAR could also counter rumors that they are trying to cover up criminal cases(I have heard alleged rape cases).
  4. Late night classes
    I understand that given the current FAM building and number of classrooms, some students need to have late classes up to 8pm(I’ve seen classes up to 8.30pm!). However try not to schedule year one students any late night classes as they are new and unfamiliar to the neighborhood.
  5. Form a student body to fight crime
    DSA could advise the student representatives to form a student body/patrol team(something like the rukun tetangga) – to patrol around the FAM building around 7-9pm to ensure that all students leave the building safetly. The patrol team could also escort students carrying laptops or those who park their vehicles far away.
  6. Renew the students details and contacts
    DSA/faculty office should keep an up to date record on the student’s term address, contact number and also some general information who the student is staying with(ie. housemates/relatives/family). In this particular case, we clearly have no idea who is this girl staying with.

I fervently hope that you could look into the above matter and take prompt action. I hope that UTAR would be able to provide a safe and secured neighborhood for the students.

Best regards.

Chong Zhemin
a concerned alumni



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