Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It's been a long long time since i updated my blog. Had been busy for my last semester in UTAR and after that with all the job and university application. Just now, when I first logged in to my blogger account, I found everything so unfammiliar. It seems that I am a first time blogger. Lol. Anyway, blooging life is fun and i'm looking forward to have it back. Hopefully i have the time(to blog) when i start work.

Lotsa friends have been asking me about my future plans (whether to work or study). They're confused. lol. ok, here you go. I will work at the mean time, and wait for all the universities offer/rejection before deciding on anything. I will be working in PwC as an audit associate. I actually went for two interviews - KPMG and PwC. KPMG rejected me, I am wondering why cos i thought i did equally well in the interview session for both PwC and KPMG. This Friday will be my first day at work in PwC. Hopefully things wil not go so hectic for the first few months.

For my Uni application. I applied to 7 Universities.

Bradford University - MSC in Finance (conditional offer)
Aston University - MSc in Accounting and Finance (conditional offer)
(Aston rejected my first choice of MSc in Finance and Investments)
Manchester University - MSc in Finance (rejected)
Cambridge University - MPhil in Finance (rejected)
Oxford University - MSc in Financial Economics (decision pending)
LSE - MSc in Accounting and Finance (decision pending)
Imperial College - MSc in Finance (decision pending)

There are currently 3 pending decisions. However I am not confident of securing any of those 3 unis. If i decide to further study, i will need to choose between Aston and Bradford. Right now, I still have a month time to decide(Aston offer will lapse on the 2nd of July).

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