Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jeff Ooi’s Welcoming Party as member of DAP

Beleive it! Jeff Ooi is now a DAP member. I witnessed him handed the DAP membership form to Cheras MP this morning.

Check out his new political blog - jeff4malayisa for the press statement on joining DAP. Currently the blog is inaccessible due to high volume of traffic(i believe). Also read this, Uncle Kit's speech and Guan Eng's press statement. This is the report from merekareview.

Now that Jeff Ooi has taken a political stand. We need to send him into parliament in the next GE to speak for the people. Guan Eng had confirmed in the PC that Jeff will be contesting in a parliamentary seat. Which constituency? We(DAP) shall announce that later. Who is next after Jeff Ooi? This coming GE is becoming more and more unpredictable. I am anticipating more heavyweights to join politics.



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