Friday, August 03, 2007

UTAR student murdered

Three weeks ago I was at the MBPJ civic Hall for the Parliamentary Caucus on Human Rights and Good Governance on “Fight Rising Crime”. Never in life had I ever felt so hopeful for a safe and secured society – with more than 14 MPs’ present listening to the public’s suggestion and addressing the public discontent of the rising crime rate.

Three weeks after the caucus, I heard this most shocking news from my friend in UTAR about the murder of a UTAR accounting student in Mahkota cheras, Sungai Long - a place that I have lived for around 3 years, the place I earned my degree, a place I have endless memories and also a place that I claimed safe. I feel so despair and disappointed.

While the murderer should be condemned for this brutality, the police force and UTAR should bear some responsibility to ensuring the resident/student safety. The DSA(department of students affairs) in particularly should be reprimanded for not able to inform the victim’s family members in time – keeping them out of knowledge and doubtful that their daughter “might” be murdered and making them bear the agony and distress. It was the police, not DSA who first inform the family members about the murder.

It is with most regret that such a tragedy happened at the month where UTAR is holding its third convocation. As a UTAR alumni and having so many friends and relatives currently studying in UTAR Sungai Long, I am going to write to UTAR DSA to express my great concern. Prompt action must be taken to ensure the safety of the student and most importantly to provide a safe and secured neighborhood for the students.

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